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User ImageAm I the only one who finds writing these things awkward? Anyway, here goes. My real name is Jessica, not Blessed, despite the (perhaps misleading) username I've chosen which actually comes from an Evans Blue song. (You can call me Blessed if you like, though - probably easier to remember!)

Random Stuff About Me
- I am currently 22 years old
- I live in a small Ontario town (for now)
- I AM A PROUD BAND GEEK: I played the flute for six years.
- I'm afraid of clowns, heights, doctors/hospitals, and getting sick.
- ...I'm the weird, nerdy/geeky/dorky one in my group of friends
- I used to dream about getting a letter from Hogwarts on my 11th birthday.
- My favourite colour is BLUE, though it changes to red periodically.
- I've wanted to be a (novel) writer since I was in the first grade.
- I love dark, twisted, loner-type characters (especially when they're humanized or redeemed)
- I love instrumental music (especially from video games!~ ♥)
- Speaking of video games... I could play them all day and night.
- I love the Final Fantasy games... especially Final Fantasy VIII. ♥

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Journey Of A Girl Named Blessed

My journal is a place to post my rants, whether it's of a personal nature or just about some random topic I feel passionate enough to write about. It might discuss my daily activities, or the latest anime I discovered, my progress with my writing...


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Grayarts90 Report | 05/19/2012 12:52 pm
Dragon Age is actually pretty good for a western RPG... I was quite surprised lol. I remember the Shin Megami Tensei games! They were awesome!! Final Fantasy X is awesome too! But I wasn't too keen on XII really. Not sure why, it was just a bit... meh lol.

Yeah, software development should be good... it relaxes me doing coding (how sad is that? razz ). So hopefully something will come out of it all. Can't wait to get out of the job I'm in now... customers are slowly driving me to murder razz lol. Yeah, working on christmas day suuuuuuucked, but it was a necessity :.

Lol, does your dad's driving scare you? razz . Driving in winter for the first time is a bit nerve-wracking, especially when your back end starts sliding out into oncoming traffic... bad times! lol.

Ooooooh, awesome!! Yeah, it's hard to find decent social care here too. I'm sure you'd do great in the field smile you're easy to talk to, and you seem like a happy, patient person which are all good qualities to have in that field I think smile .

:O OMG! I couldn't even begin to imagine how painful that must have been for you!! At least you can now take pills to ease the pain. I'm not sure why we get wisdom teeth really... just to be a pain in the a**?? razz I'm sure there was probably a good reason for them many years ago... maybe all the other teeth had crumbled away at this point in your life before toothpaste was invented? xD so everyone just had 4 teeth at the back of their mouths razz
Grayarts90 Report | 05/08/2012 3:59 pm
lol, hells yeah... it's all about final fantasy biggrin biggrin although recently i have started becoming a bit addicted to dragon age biggrin

Yeah... hopefully something will come out of it all... but if not, well i'll just keep on plodding along until I find something smile I was doing computing, so looking at software developer jobs mostly smile but like I say, we'll see what happens first. Yeah, nice relaxing evenings will be nice... this year I've done uni work every day... even on christmas day I was doing uni work! How sad am I?? lol.

Ooo, how are the driving lessons going? Hope you're able to find something you can do smile What's a SSW? Sounds like you've been a busy body! That's a lot of work you've been doing!

Sounds fun! My wisdom teeth could do with coming out really I think. They're kind of growing outwards into my cheeks... which isn't the most comfortable feelings... but I've got a dentist appointment in like 3 weeks time so I can wait for now, it's not like my teeth have torn through yet razz . Yeah, you'll be ok. I hope you can get some pills that are easy for you to swallow too smile

Btw, it's nice to be talking to you again smile
Grayarts90 Report | 05/07/2012 8:50 am
haha... errr no... can't wait to get out of education so I can have my evenings all to myself lol. Oh I'll still be playing video games... I think I'll still be playing video games when I'm on my death bed razz .

My exams shouldn't be too hard I don't think... but yeah finding a job will be a bit brutal. I've applied to a few places already but still waiting to hear back from them. Also, I had to do a demonstration of my final year project and some people came up to me and told me to give them an e-mail if I'm interested in a job with them, so we'll see if anything comes from any of them.

Thank you smile smile what are you up to nowadays? smile
Grayarts90 Report | 05/04/2012 8:49 am
haha, don't be silly, you're not a horrible person at all smile ... I don't come on here anywhere near as much as I used to... uni work kind of took over my life for the past however many months lol.

I'm glad everything turned out alright smile I've been pretty good. Much better now that I've handed in my final piece of coursework... just some exams to do over the next 2 weeks and then that's the end of my education! Woop! lol. Time to find a proper job and be a proper grown up now though neutral lol.
Grayarts90 Report | 04/13/2012 7:34 am
Happy Birthday! smile I hope all is well smile *hug*
Grayarts90 Report | 10/05/2011 1:31 am
that sounds like a good plan to me smile

yeah it has been a while since we last spoke... i'm all good... well.. i've just got over an illness, but apart from that i'm all good... back at uni now so it's just getting used to being back into a routine.

hope all is well smile
Grayarts90 Report | 08/08/2011 1:03 pm
Yeah... my dad poured a can of petrol onto the bonfire while I went to get the matches... I came back... lit it and it just blew up in my face.. at first I thought I'd just singed my hair but then my eye and lip started stinging... and then my whole right side of my face and neck started stinging lol... I wouldn't recommend doing it really razz

My university is one of the easiest to get into as well... but it's all good biggrin Yeah.. I loved doing about the world wars and the english civil wars... good times :').

Programming is ok... but I've started my final year project already... and I've done it on something that I failed miserably at last year... and that's pretty much the reason why I'm doing it... I've got to basically create Microsoft Access... but then create a smartphone app that will link with it so you can create and update databases... I can see many sleepless nights xD

Yeah... a job with a normal boss would be nice xD

The first week was a bit weird but after that it was good... yeah, you'll soon make friends, don't worry about it smile and you can all have some hardcore final fantasy sessions!! razz

Yeah... I've had like proper food for a week now, it'll be strange to go back to like noodles and frozen food again... not good razz I can cook... but just can't be bothered to cook for just me... too much effort xD
Grayarts90 Report | 08/08/2011 12:16 pm
Haha, well if I crept up behind Squall I might get lucky, you never know razz Or throw something from a distance away razz Ooooor... tell him to light a bonfire after I've poured a can of petrol on it without him knowing... that works pretty well xD

Ooooo that sounds fancy! biggrin That's a lot of subjects! but history is pretty cool, I used to enjoy that at school... it's the only subject I got an A in at A-Level lol. I'm taking Computing... I do a lot of software programmingand web development in it... it's not too shabby... but frustrates me to the max when it doesn't work because you miss 1 colon or something. I'm gad it's my final year really, just want to come out of education now and start a real job lol.

Ah that's quite good then... I went to a university that no-one from my school went to... typical! lol.. but I soon made some new friends, so it was ok smile And you're a nice girl so you'll soon make plenty more friends anyway smile

Hells yeah... it's pretty good because my mum has come round too, so she's making my food for me... bonus!! razz I get to stay in bed watching films, playing games and getting fed xD... but she's going back home in a couple days
Grayarts90 Report | 08/08/2011 11:58 am
Haha YES!! I shall have to track down Seifer and see what he can do razz See if he can work his magic on me razz

Ah right, that's not good! What are you going to be studying?? I'm starting my final year of university in september, it's all good! biggrin yeah, it's a bit weird at first but I'm sure you'll soon start enjoying yourself too much to be homesick smile And you can always talk to me too if you start feeling lonely or whatever smile

Yeah, I got a 3ds and zelda for my birthday... which was nice biggrin so it's all good... and I'm downloading links awakening while we speak xD

I have found a cable for £2!! bargain... bought and should come in a couple days so I shall be engrossed in final fantasy after that biggrin so if I become majorly delayed in my replies you know why razz I shall check out your completed avatar biggrin
Grayarts90 Report | 08/08/2011 11:26 am
oh... and by the way... your avatar looks awesome biggrin




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