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not a foot fetishist Report | 05/22/2020 9:26 am
Teanier Report | 02/23/2020 10:40 am
Hi biggrin
do you know what happend to Sheepy?
Sineaed Report | 07/23/2018 9:15 am
I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't enjoying it! 4laugh
Do you have any cheese by any chance? rofl

Life throws you the bones you deserve my friend!
And look at me acting all wise and ancient~ *coughs*
Sineaed Report | 07/19/2018 7:48 am
Nothing serious. Just some temporary medications that knock me out and all that. Gotta love being a medical lab-rat! rofl
But I'm srsly up on my feet again. And I'm enjoying every step I make! heart

Being busy is not so wrong persé. As long as you're not TO busy. Gotta have time for yourself to relax and wind down!
And that's not just good. That's WONDERFUL! The dream of everyone hunting a job: to be handed one because they've noticed you!
Congrats hun! You've earned it! emotion_hug heart emotion_hug
Sineaed Report | 07/12/2018 2:06 am
I was up and about rofl
How are you doing hun? emotion_hug heart
Sineaed Report | 06/02/2018 2:00 pm
That's better news!!! And now: be careful. Key? 4laugh

We'll know in time. Should still have the MS acting up once in a while but it should be far less often and way less severe.
Got a newsflash for you btw. Guess who's walking (albeit with aid) again? blaugh
not a foot fetishist Report | 05/24/2018 12:08 pm
Sineaed Report | 05/04/2018 3:13 pm
Ah, the unpredictable weather. Have them enough here stare rolleyes Cost me a few broken limbs as well rofl
Glad you do! not everyone appreciates my dry-a** "humor".

In limbo as of today. If I'm lucky it's just a mild period of youknowwhat acting up. If I'm out of luck, I'll probably be needing new meds in about a month~
Sooo.. Same old same old? blaugh
Sineaed Report | 04/10/2018 1:52 pm
Oef~ Autsj! *flinches*
Guess no-one ever told you that the braking distance is longer on a wet road, ne?

Lame joke there sweatdrop

Get well soon though hun. Hope you heal neatly and nicely. emotion_hug heart emotion_hug
WraythRose Darkthorn Report | 03/30/2018 9:01 am
Eeep! Oh noes! skateboarding? or somehow else?

...ninja easter bunnies, yes?