Zerka (WIP)

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Grown up in the land of the ash and mist. Torrens, the city of Dragons. The dragon kind having changed greatly over the years. Becoming less of what she calls "a true dragon". Growing up hating her own dragon brothers and sisters for how friendly and peaceful they have become to all soft-skins. Refusing the traditions and simply keeping to herself most of her life. Despite that she became good friends with the ruler of the city. The two both have goals to better the dragons from their current state. In the end she grew impatient with her ruler and fled from her homeland after a bitter life. Zerka has made her home inside of a mountain cave where she contains most of her spoilers from her trips to the land below it. She often seeks out travelers, hunters and men from the land. Taken a liking to robbing and ravaging some of her victims. Often enjoying playing with them in the confines of her own homely cave.
Eye color: Yellowish Red
scale color: Red/Orange/Yellow/Gray
Gender: Female
Hair: Red w/ yellow highlights
Height/Length: 6'11"
Species: Dragon
Weight: ???


Want to get to know me? Well, you're not gonna really find out by reading my profile or vague descriptions of myself. Just know I am a very closed person for good reason. If you really want to know who I am on a personal level you're going to take on a lot.
I've been on Gaia since late 05. Under the name Colorful Rapist and variations of it because getting banned, you know? I wasn't always the kindest person. I used to purposefully want to antagonize people all the time. I've grown a lot as a person since my younger days.
I would like to think of myself as a person anyone can be comfortable around and the can be relied upon in any situation. Pretty cheesy, right? For now I guess I will be fine with lounging around this site I have been on far too long. So prepare to be loved up really good, yo! Careful not to piss me off though. Once you do that you are practically on my s**t list!

OCs are a work in progress since 2012 and profile are subject to heavy changes.

I roleplay my characters frequently around the forums. Don't get that confused for who I am.

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