About Ari

Hey this is Ari's one and only. Listen everybody I'm gonna tell you as much as I can in the fewest words to be short sweet and to the point about this wonderful and amazingly adorable lady. I've been in love since I met this girl for 4 years now. We still dont remember the day we became each others but she's mine so guys BACK OFF . She's the most evil and most sweet. Most devilish and most angelic. The girl that has me confused since the day I met her and yet has me like a puppy begging for peanut butter, I am for more of her delicious kisses. The girl that robbed my heart, pshhh and they call me Rob. The girl that makes me go weak in the knees. The girl that drives me insane with the secret meanings behind stuff she says. With all her flaws and sweet moments. I want to say I'm "her boy" as I used to say when we began going out. I belong to you babygirl. Every kiss, every hug, and every "I Love you" with a capitol L is yours. Te Amo Ari.
Her man Rob
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