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You, Stalker


Myself Story

Hello there, visitor, user or whatever you are. yum_puddi

I am A Beautiful Noise. Long name, uh? Call me just Noise, so things can get more practical.

So, you know I'm Noise, but what about my style? MA STYLE IS HAWT. DEAL WITH IT. emotion_dealwithit
I enjoy gaming! cat_3nodding Including mainly Nintendo and Valve. cat_whee And I also enjoy Homestuck. heart

I'm often off Gaia, because it isn't the only site I use. But in a lucky chance you'll find me in Bass'ken, at the front of the Saw Mill, most probably. smile

wow; such beauty; much noise
im the shibest shibe of dogeness; wow
feel the shibe wrath; so powerful; much amazing

Didja ever heard of this guy here? mrgreen
Yes. You haven't. You haven't said hi to him.
Better say hi to him now... Or else you will die.

That's all. Thanks for reading all it (if you readed). emotion_c8 Wish you understand some of me. emotion_yatta
Thank you so much, for playing this game! emotion_bigheart

Things you want from me

What I did

  • Victory![119]
  • Peelunger Pounder[120]
  • Gramster Gladiator[121]
  • Lawn Gnome Clipper[122]
  • Lawn Gnome Mower[123]
  • Pink Flamingo Fighter[125]
  • Garlic Picker[134]
  • Skeeter Squasher[137]
  • Laceback Bootsnake Skinner[140]
  • Clutch Holder[146]
  • Cherry Fluff Victor[149]
  • Taiko Drum Banger[152]
  • Taiko Drum Boomer[153]
  • Ghost Lantern Dim[155]
  • Kokeshi Doll Trickster[158]
  • Kokeshi Doll Reveler[159]
  • Outlaw Pup Blaster[167]
  • Buzz Saw Splitter[170]
  • Buzz Saw Cutter[171]
  • Buzz Saw Slasher[172]
  • Sand Fluff Bag[173]
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Bloxiade Report | 03/28/2014 5:30 am
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
For you doge mate
Bloxiade Report | 03/25/2014 6:16 pm
IKR!? such miss long time wow btw I was off too on Gaia, just started playing last few days cool

miss you wow such friend rare doge
Bloxiade Report | 03/24/2014 1:46 pm
dogee mrgreen
Bloxiade Report | 12/10/2013 1:43 am
recycle doge, much interesting blaugh
Bloxiade Report | 12/07/2013 7:13 am
It's been awhile...I've been expecting you [lulz] Lol anyway miss you, just wanna greet you with some dogee blaugh
Vanilla Dawn Report | 12/04/2013 5:45 pm
Vanilla Dawn
will you share that heavenly pizza? emotion_kirakira
Bloxiade Report | 12/04/2013 6:10 am
much love im cryin crying xDDD
Bloxiade Report | 12/04/2013 12:41 am
Doge is legendary such photo much cover wow such eyes
Bloxiade Report | 12/03/2013 6:47 am
Hey doge mrgreen
Bloxiade Report | 12/03/2013 4:44 am
Haha, literally I'm stuck using fb, which makes me forget every social network that exist haha

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