Things to know?

~ I'm Kiah (Kye-ah. Not Key-ah)
~ I don't like jerks
~ I don't like how people always talk so loud when they're talking on the phone. I don't want to hear about any of your business.
~ I like having great people by my side and help when most needed.
~ I don't like encouragement or critiques. Just builds pressure. Too many people expect great things to come to you in the future. (In my opinion).
~ I don't like taking pics of me. But I like taking pics of others! xD
~ I'm shy at first, but then I become...more talkitive when you start to know me.
~ Love is a mystery to me. But a great one at that!
~ I don't like when people talk in an ill-stated manner.
~ I don't like when people think badly of themselves. You're better than that!
~ I think about soo many things that my head starts to overflow with questions about random things!