AboutMeyh :]

Name:Wilsan D Kapangyarihan
School:St.Marys Sports College, Hull, England.
Nationality:Cavite City, Phillipines
About me ; I love Gaia. I love the fact that its almost going around the world and meeting new people in towns etc. I love other things too, like ... no comment wink ! Hows Life ? Well its fine upto now...everythings going as planned wink lmao! I dont really plan things. Hows the love life? Well still single. But currently in-love with someone, well lets say its unrequited love...her names_____ !
good name eh ? Hmm .. ii live in hull atm and have friends that are important to meyh... without friends life would be so damn hard !
Well thats what ii believe... If yuu want to know more about meyh then find out smile

Please help me gain 10 more goldfishes :] danke