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Birthday: 10/24


heyy people's well if you want too know about myself here are some things about me , my fav color is black , fav animal dog, fav dog is a boxer and chinease hairless, i love scary movies , ohhhhh!!! and one more thing u must know about me is i love talking too people!!!! ^.^


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Me Xandra
-3p1C OrG4sM-

meh besties

my sis she da best she lestens to me and i love her soo much!! :DD

my best fwend in the whole world!! xD

hes also my bestes fwend ever!!! xP

and him a love him (in a fwend way) xD he just had a bad relation ship soo dont mess wit him!! >:(

my fwend thts kinda my sis but shes not shes close to me thts why i say shes kinda like my sis XD

hes my x-bf :O ik why do i have him on my pro if hes my x-bf but i put him on my pro because hes very nice to meh and when we broke up it was hard to tell him srry cause he wouldnt listen to me and then he forgave me !! ^^

best fwend

im single so if you like me pm me kk