All about Kiki <3

~It's Kiki <3!~
Hey, Kiki speaking <3. Ima fun a** girl, Im really sweet (: . Until i get mad -.-''. My birthday is Aug. 5th. Ima Leo, i think im more of libra at times. I'm always smiling. I loooove texting && calling people. Yes, im married to my cell phone but who isn't lol? I love talking to everyone, if they have a problem i would try && talk with them. I have alot of friends <3. On && Off. They're truly amazing a** people. During the weekends im always on. Cuz sometimes i dont got nothing to do. Or ima come on late at night til like 2 in morning lmfao. But, you'll love me (: . Im pretty understanding, i kinda watch everything >.>. But im Taken. For a long while [; . But peace out. Love ya'll <3!
~Kiki OUT!~
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