As we Live On ,
Out time together passed ,
A Bit More Each Day, Wandering ... In the field of Hope ,
Unable To Cry Out .
Sorround By Happiness and Sorrow ,
Realize That There's No Sudden Horror.
If We Know the Rythm Of The Realm ,
We can fly again .
Pray Before The Meteor Falls To The Earth ,
From the deep end Of The Realm ,
For An ~~~~

And There More Poems !!!
Sometimes It's a view of Shattered moon,sometimes it walk in the stormy night .
Sometimes It feel like you want to cry ,as the dry tear never come out .
sometimes you are simply avoiding someone , because you just want to said : Leave Me Alone :
But The Day Will pass , and the blue will fade . There you are gathering the presence of joy .
When you see the rainbow , after the helpless rain . Be Pround Of yourself , for not giving up Neatly done.... Well i am some random person (too random for my own good =) who enjoyed reading and written poems , Novels and doing some beautiful art xD

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tHe LeGeNd Of DeStInY's LoTuS aNd FoRgEt Me NoT

pErIsH By ThE FrOsT... SiMpLy AbOuT mY bLuEiSh SeLf



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