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Hallo Anruf Mir Lillie.
Ich Werden Sein Der Tod Von Sie. Dass Ist Von Kurs Wenn Sie Sind Nicht Der Tod Von Mein Erste.

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Something You Should Know:
One Day I Will Be.....Dead. Ok Thats All. Goodbye.

"Memories Are Precious, So Hold Them Dear..Or They Just Might Dissappear.."

"A Fallen Person Will Always Be Crap"

"Through My Pain, I Shall Grow Stronger, Through My Failures, I Will Have A Story To Tell, Through My Scars, I Shall Become The Person I Was Meant To Be, Through My Tears, I Shall Sprout My Own Wings, And With My Wings, I Shall Fly Away With You.."

"Always Look At What You Have, Never Look At What You Have Lost"

"I Was Born To Be Stubborn, To Be A Little Bit Bitchy, To Push People To Push Myself, I Was Tought To NEVER Take Life For Granted, To Live A Little, To Love With EVERYTHING I Have, To NEVER Give Up, To ALWAYS Believe In Myself, But Most Of All To ALWAYS Fight For Myself And All That I Am." <3

"You Just Have To Learn To Forget The People Who Forget About You, Cuz Those Who Matter Dont Care And Those Who Do Dont Matter."

"When We Hold Back On Life, Life Holds Us Back"

"I Am Who I Am Today Because Of The Choices I Made Yesterday"

"I Gave You Roses But You Gave Me Bullets And A Bloody Goodbye Straight Through The Heart"

"Not All Wounds Show, Not All Wounds Heal, Sometimes You Cant Always See, The Pain Someone Feels..."

"Its Hard To Wait Around For Something You Know Might Never Happen Again, But Its Even Harder To Give Up On Something Especially When You Know Its All You Ever Wanted"

"What We Have Here Is A Dreamer, Someone Completely Out Of Touch With Reality, When She Jumped...She Probably Thought She Would Fly"

"When You Want Something, FIGHT FOR IT, Dont Give Up On It No Matter How Hopeless It Seems, Even When Youve Lost All Hope, Cuz Years From Now Your Gonna Look Back And Wish You Gave It One More Shot"

"Happiness Is Free"

"When It Comes To Love Nothing Matters, Not Age, Not Sexuality, Not Responsibility, Not Distance, Or Society. If You Ever Think Something Or Someone Is Holding You Back From The One You Love Then FIGHT, Cuz You Never Know What Might Happen If You Dont"

"Yeah My Babys Pretty As A Car Crash, Sexy As A Stinger Of A Hornet In Your Arm, Just Another Modern Swinger, Screaming "Catch Me If You Can", With A Cigarette In Hand, And It's Love, Its Heavy And It Hurts, And Its Love"

"I Am Not Afraid To Die, I'm Not Afraid To Bleed And ******** And Fight, I Want The Pain Of Payment. What's Left, But A Section Of Pygmy Sized Cuts. Much Like A Slew Of A Thousand Unwanted ********. Would You Be My Little Cut? Would You Be My Thousand ********? And Make Mark Leaving Space For The Guilt To Be Liquid. To Fill And Spill Over And Under My Thoughts. My Sad, Sorry, Selfish Cry Out To The Cutter. I'm Cutting Trying To Picture Your Black, Broken Heart. Love Is Not Like Anything, Especially A ******** Knife!"

"Pain Is Weakness Leaving The Body"

"You Are Not A Beautiful And Unique Snowflake. You Are The Same Decaying Organic Matter As Everyone Else, And We Are All Part Of The Same Compost Pile."

"Forbidden To Remember, Terrified To Forget.."

"To Accomplish Great Things, We Must Not Only Act, But Also Dream Not Only Plan, But Also Believe."

"Take Off Your Skin And Dance For Me. Cut Out Your Tongue And Sing For Me. Burn Out Your Eyes In Xtacy Baby"

"And All I Know Is We Use To Be Inseperable..But Now It Seems Like We Might As Well Be Strangers"

"Thanks For Being All The Things I Had To Say Goodbye To.."

"You Know I Was Taught That When You Have Something Good, What You're Supposed To Do Is You Hang On To It. You Know? You Hang On To It With Both Hands. And If Someone Tries To Take It From You. What You Should Do Is You Should Make Sure They Pry It From Your Cold, Dead Fingers."

:Of All The Things Ive Lost, I Miss My Mind The Most"

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I Want To Meet People Like This:
Someone Who Doesnt Lie. Someone Who Wont Stab Me In The Back. Someone Who Knows Its Not All Ok. Someone I Can Trust. Someone Who Doesnt Start Rumors Or Care About Them. Someone Who Doesnt Break Promises. Or Maybe Doesnt Even Make Them. Someone Who Doesnt Care. Neutral People. Brutally Honest People. Someone Who Sees Things In Black And White?


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witsugar Report | 06/08/2011 9:28 pm
sorrriii just been to somwhere else!!!
losers~luck Report | 01/23/2011 11:20 pm
I love your status =]
I'm a huge Manson Fan
RedishBlack69 Report | 08/02/2010 9:03 am
i usually buy things at half the price or 2/3rds the price. you can get more for them in the marketplace if thats how you choose to sell them, ppl that usually sell to me are just looking to get rid of their junk.
RedishBlack69 Report | 07/31/2010 7:17 pm
RedishBlack69 Report | 07/29/2010 7:23 am
nope, you get more in the mp
RedishBlack69 Report | 06/06/2010 7:18 pm
i wanted you to call yeah but its fine, i didnt have internet there either ;p
_A-Beautiful-Scream_ Report | 06/03/2010 11:53 pm
Not So Grump Report | 05/23/2010 7:42 pm
it is scary


and i AM scary

Not So Grump Report | 05/23/2010 5:55 pm
thank you


your avi scares me

RedishBlack69 Report | 04/18/2010 12:09 pm
Don't forget about our trade. Gaia wont alert you lately if you have one or if someone accepted. Sorry if i've already sent this.


Ich Nur Wunsch Dass Sie Wurden Nicht Mein Freund, So Dass Ich Könnte Verletzt Sie In Der Ende. Nur Merken Wenn Sie Denken Dass Sie Sind Frei, Im Der Riss Innen Ihre Ficken Herz.

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