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My Name's Samantha Nicole(: I Rave on April 10. I Love Jordan(: OCT.1ST<3 Ha. PierceTheVeil,MaydayParade,&BringMeTheHorizon are the bands of my life! I love them! ISupport Gay People<3 I'm all into "LOVE IS THE MOVEMENT". To Write Love On Her Arms(: I Love To Smile. So if you love happy people you should add me<3! PM me if you wanna know more(: Ha FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER<3 @SaveOurSammie

My Obsessions

Vic Fuentes. Pierce The Veil. Mayday Parade. Superman. Texting. Purple. Bring Me The Horizon. Twitter. Facebook. Music. Love. Peace. LOVE IS THE MOVEMENT<3, Gum. Sitting on roofs. Money. Hope. IPhones. Art. Choir. Bracelets. Breathe Carolina. Nails. Hair. Bows. Sad Songs. Love Songs. Rainbows. People who support. Ballons.
Dream Avi's

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My Dislikes

People. Bossy Adults. Crying Babies. p***y's. Math. My Math Teacher. Homework. People Who Think They Know Everything. Screaming when it isn't needed. People who are't fair. & Many more s**t.

&&* When I Come Home, I Wanna Be Done Don't Wanna Be Famous No More(: