rolleyes Hello Visitors.!! My name is Shayla and im 13 .. sweatdrop I'm 5'2.. I'm from the Virgin Islands .. So if we ever talk otp.. ii have an accent.

I have a boyfriend . . and we've been happily together since 10.10.15
So all ya'll thirsty azz niqqas out there . better leave me t'f alone. scream

Well my hobbies are singing, dancing, eating, sleeping, and playing sports..! I'm a total nerd sweatdrop 4laugh .. I get straight A's .. I'm a cute nerd thoo .. Right.!? emo 3nodding

I'm very friendly . I wont bite.. Unless u piss me t'f off..
I love friends. n i'm very social and out going.
I accept everybody who sends a request. xd

Add me on any social medias listed below..

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005150089468

Kik: CookieNCream__

Oovoo: shaygirl22

Phone: 340-***-**23
(PM me for that)

And if you have any questions ... PM me blaugh heart

heart heart heart heart scream

Bye . ! LOVE YA'LL 4laugh cat_4laugh cat_3nodding heart rolleyes

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Name: J-J
Date of Adoption: 7/18/15
Likes: Food , Sleep , Kisses , Quiet
Dislikes: You , Noise , Soap
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