Yo hommies! This is a crazy idea that I have and I think it might work! I'm Fruitsie's main mule! Yah, so I'll say some stuff about me...again...cuz you guys just can't get enough of me! xP

-I live in Cali
-I'm a freshman in high school
-I'm a total band geek
-I can never be emo
-I can be extremely paranoid
-I'm easy going
-I can become very obsessive
-I've had many crushes, but no boyfriend
-I'm a jumper
-I love food
-I'm a little on the skinny side
-I share a room with my emo sister
-I play the french horn, clarinet and bass clarinet for band
-I'm a hippie
-I really want a mini cooper
-I'm not on drugs, or an alcoholic
-I think life is amazing
-I'm neither tall or short
-I can speak french
-I wish I could live in Europe
-I'm british, danish, and irish
-I'm an honors student
-I love shoes
-I have many best friends
-I have blue-gray eyes
-I love to read anything
-I'm not aloud to watch tv
-I live with my mom and step dad
-I think my step dad is the devil in disguise
-I'm in love with pigs

92% of kids today listen to rap music, if you are one of the 8% who still rock out every day, put this on your profile.

My Muley's Questah!

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Item List:
Angelic Microphone
Buck Teeth
Canary Yellow Pimpin' Hat
Elegant Pearl Drop Choker
Fresh Grass Skirt
Gift of the Goddess
Gold Record Earrings
Golden Gloves
Green/Yellow Sun Visor
Mid day Yellow Wrap
Sacred Leaf

Estimated Total: 347,769 Gold
(Estimated with known item values on 13 May 2007)


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ThE LiFe Of An AmAzInG dInOsAwR!!!

The Dinosawr's journal will contain the following: Lyrics to songs that are stuck in my head Random pics that I must show people Rants that shouldn't go on my other account Random talk when I get bored


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Yah...I really do
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I need to come on this account more often
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Oh yah
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