this is 4 all yu stalkersss out thereee:)

hmm, explaining myself is pretty hard. i am a lot of complicated words... claustrophobic, musical, creative, and sometimes a little crazy. personally, i like love. even though it brings me heartache, i still adore it. music is like my own little getaway. i can just turn on a song, and automatically, my stress is relieved. making friends is quite easy for me. though, im surely shy at first, i can turn into that crazy little puff ball that most friends are together. i am also a wonderful musician. i write music, sing, play guitar, and may learn piano. boston is my favorite classic rock band. i admire their unique voice, and their talented guitarist. i enjoy doing yoga, running, and hanging out at the park making fun of the crazy bikers. i love mckayla mccaffrey; AKA my sister/bestfriend... i'm still looking for the love of my life, but, still i am to young for that sort of relationship. hopefully, i will find someone who likes me for me, not for my outside appearances. smile -macy<3

Talent show audition 2010

my fishies

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paramoree baby

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Gaia Besties <3

lovee them!!!!!

corey, corey, corey... ever since i met him, i thought of him as mr. sweet or mr. romantic. he is the most sensitive guy i have ever met and i adore him for that. he is confident and loves to crack a joke or two. gaia wouldnt be worth playing without him on it. even though i have only known him for a few weeks, i feel like i have known him forever. he is just that amazing! ;)

mckayla! my best friend, sister, chika, nina, buahaha! she is everything to me! i can go to her when i have issues and need a shoulder to cry on. i love this girl with all my heart. she is my sister practically. <3 :) always friends forever! like the little girls in preschool would say, we are gonna go to college together! XD

Enjoy! :)

i sped it up to much so sorry:(

hey soul sister!