xd Hello people of the world! My name is im not telling you. I have greensih eyes AND dark brown hair. I am really funny, sweet, wild, AND optimistic 3nodding ( that means possitive)! I like using big words to make my pea brain feel intellgent. Im addicted to anime AND drawing biggrin . I toally cant spell for my life razz .I love Zelda AND any thing Nintendo. I also play Minecraft, what can I say. Im a nerd whee . I cant help but be a b**** when you hate on my firends mad ( i dont like to be mean though) crying . I like any food u have for me razz . Lastly... wait... what was i saying... oh yah! I LOVE THE WORLD and WRITING IN CAPS scream ! IM A UNI-PIRER-WARE-CAT-DINO-OREO-thing