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No Refunds. Due to the probabilities that you know what you are buying, I will not take back an item that have already purchased, the only exceptions are if you sell it back for a lil bit higher then the price you purchased at or if you have a amazing reason. So think about it before you want it and buying it because if your planning on returning it you better have a dang good reason. Like your pet snake died and you have to use that money to give it a nice funeral or if your homeless and broke and you need to get your money back to buy some booze to cure you pain. Or if your boyfriend went off with some ho3 that you hate because she used to be your best friend before you found out she was nailing your man at home! Then you will need the money back to go buy a gun and shoot his man junk off and shoot her in the vagg. Thank you


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8OOOk A.K.A iMalique

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This is me c=

Birthday: 4th MARCH 1995
Location: Johor,Malaysia
Occupation:Vender & Exchanger @ GaiaOnline
Hobbies: Listening to Metal songs
Favorite Music:Heavymetal
These are my main Accounts[BANNED] : x s e 7 7 e n x, shiveen
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Thanks for visiting my profile
Have a nice day 3nodding

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