About Me

You're reading this to get to know me...
So here I go...

I'm 20.

Born and raised in Ohio.

I'm outgoing and loud.

I'm addicted to hot chocolate and tea.

I love to read.

I drink mountain dew all the time.

I'd live off just spaghetti and potatoes if I could.

McDonald's Sweet Tea is totally unhealthy but extremely good so I drink it.

I love Arby's Potato Cakes.

My favorite restaurant is Subway.

I painted stars on my cell phone because I didn't like the cell phone plates I found.

The smell of Pumpkin Spice makes my day.

I'm extremely random and I tend to be ditsy.

I've been on Gaia 4 years and have multiple accounts.

I'm addicted to blankets and own a ton of them.

I also love to take pictures.

Black and white pictures are orgasmic.

Think you know me yet?
Want to know more... JUST ASK!