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Chocolate Snowman Report | 06/12/2018 11:17 am
Chocolate Snowman
i take it back its not too edgy
cruddles Report | 05/29/2018 2:00 pm
cooool an update biggrin
cruddles Report | 05/19/2018 9:03 pm
Chocolate Snowman Report | 05/16/2018 7:40 pm
Chocolate Snowman
******** edgelord
Nano Alpha Report | 04/30/2018 3:35 pm
Nano Alpha
this profile screams edgy 2009
Chocolate Snowman Report | 02/10/2018 11:14 am
Chocolate Snowman
yo thanks man yours is pretty tight too
chamzi Report | 02/02/2017 10:19 pm
p much you and colleen and conor are the only people i actually remember, its kinda sad lmfao
chamzi Report | 02/02/2017 10:15 pm
true. you left before me but I have no idea when I left. I dont remember. I think a lot of people started leaving. Its weird coming back, I dont even remember a lot of these people lol
chamzi Report | 02/02/2017 10:09 pm
ya forreal and who tf would spend real money on virtual s**t other than me when I was 14

evil, evil gaia making our lives miserable
chamzi Report | 02/02/2017 10:07 pm
idk man idkkkk hahahaha

i feel like everyone that's on this site at the moment are the same people but older......

cuz like in the chatterbox everyone is like 18+. i feel like when I played everyone was youngish



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