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Hi, Name's Derek.

========About Me=========
I'm a pretty silly dude, however I can be quite serious and brooding at times.
I consider myself intelligent for my age, considering most people my age care only for the following: hooking up, marijuana, alcohol.

I'm pretty big into science, especially physics/chemistry, you will find me geeking out about engineering and technology, and discussing theoretics with the physics and chemistry teachers. I actually managed to score a huge grant, and third place in the state science fair with no effort (meaning I made the project in half an hour).

I focus most of my time daily into academics, lifting and Martial Arts, most importantly academics -I plan to either attend an Ivy league or try to score a free-ride into a state school. I've been lifting for about 2 years now, and doing Kenpo-Karate for the past 8 (as of 2016). Some of my other hobbies include gaming, bombing hills on my longboard, and listening to music.

I'm into coffee, big time. My favorite brand is Bustelo Cafe, shout out if you know what I'm talking about.
Ethnicity is Brazillian (No, I'm not captain of the soccer team)
Born and raised in the U S A
I have a life, a busy one at that, so Gaia is pretty low on the priority list.

North End of Boston, M.A (Shout-out to my New-Englanders)

It's a pretty cultural diverse place if you ask me. As much as I enjoyed my time out of state (i.e New Jersey -not mainland ofc, I'm talking about like Ocean City, Margate City and Cape May- South Carolina -again, near the shore- and Florida -same applies) I don't see myself leaving this region ever in my life. Although the winters can be bad, and the summers can be brutal, there's too much to give up leaving this place.

=========What I listen to=========

I like everything (not really into metal) I'm big into the old school stuff, which is why Gramatik is the king of break beats, and why E.W.F. , The O'jays and Kool n The Gang have songs that can make you either tear up or bust a move.
But at the same time, I'm also the dude rockin' the new school stuff, stuff like Zedd, Drake, Daft Punk (yes I know this is more 90's/00's but it 'aint 70s/80s).


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Ianeboy Report | 03/11/2017 9:06 pm
uhmm do uhave LINE?? I have to sleep soon and i dont go on much so if u still want to talk we can probably talk there
Ianeboy Report | 03/11/2017 8:58 pm
nope I took a gap year bc I needed a job lmao also im going on vacation on april so i dont think it'll work out..
Ianeboy Report | 03/11/2017 8:53 pm
ACTUALLY soon to be university student!! I'm taking Health Science and then im going to a vet school after two years lol
Ianeboy Report | 03/11/2017 8:48 pm
jk im actually just a student
Ianeboy Report | 03/11/2017 8:23 pm
wow u sure are smart!! want to give me more pointers to improve my clowning side line hhaahh
im actually a full time janitor so HA
Ianeboy Report | 03/11/2017 8:20 pm
********!! i shouldve chosen a less clown looking avi why am i dumb sad
ye thats a part of being a part time clown i have to have a lit bg music while im performing
Ianeboy Report | 03/11/2017 8:17 pm
s**t how did you know? man u rlly are smart
Ianeboy Report | 03/11/2017 8:12 pm
wow u sound pretty intimidating !!
Saviour Naruto Report | 04/09/2016 6:23 pm
Saviour Naruto
Wing Zero Flame Feder Report | 11/16/2015 9:55 pm
Wing Zero Flame Feder
ty biggrin