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well hai, I'm Katrina.
I'm terrible with words & may come across your mind as an odd individual.
I enjoy rainbows, koalas, & laughter.
I can't say I'm too fond of horror movies, ice, or the thought of death.
I was born in '96, in the middle of Summer.
Quiet can sometimes be my thing,
Yet it can also be something I want the least.
Well I'm the same as everyone else in this crazy mixed-up world.
Just trying to get through life one day at a time,
With the imperfections I was given.
well bai, I'm Katrina.
& I'm not going to state a sentence that will make you believe I'm the most amazing person in the world to meet.

Don't fall in love,
There's just too much to lose.

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this is meh and the bestest, cutest, most wonderful bf in the whole wide world!

{ 7K7C7 }

Katrina faith-jane Coles