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Last Login: 11/21/2013 12:24 pm

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Gender: Female

Birthday: 09/01/1995

Popcorn -Hot Butter (Techno Remix)

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Stormy Venture on 09/02/2020



Well to start this out I just want to say to all the otaku out there.....THE GAME [I lost]

~I love music, so i might know it if you ask me, i mean the song. And that's it, it has to be the song I don't know artiest very well....I might though. Anime that's another thing I know about too. I know a lot but not as much as some people. Anyway I enjoy it as much as the next person. I read manga more than I watch anime but I still do both, but if its mostly manga. I'm tied in the knot of death I like, people that are insane, or as uncle yo says inside the box...xD. Or to say it lightly I like death or people in pain or I laugh a lot when people get hurt I really don't mean to though. And I'm really I nice person I don't think of my self as a mean person so I hope that's good.~

-I'm completely random, I almost for got to put that in. Oh yes and all the anime lover's out here, Yes I do love Yaoi. I love it so much I spent 3 weeks just reading dounjin's. But then I got bored so that's the story of that. Um I run out of stuff to talk about very easily, like I am now. So if you ever want to talk to me be aware. I like to play Zomg....and that's what I'm mostly doing on here. xD I like joking around so I hope you don't take things seriously.-

=And also to all those normal people's who don't have lives and play video games all day. I'm a gamer too. I'm on the Xbox 360 and PS3 I own a DSI and a PSP and Wii.....and PS2...Well you get the point I play a lot of game's and all type's. That's mostly why I play Zomg to get that game urge out...xD So yeah that's the most of me....I guess. ^^=

This is the song of the week...or day..or hour..I don't know I'll change it later.


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GeminiDarkest Report | 05/10/2012 4:04 pm
yeah well i'm moving to a new palce soon so i'll tell you about it the next time we talk.
GeminiDarkest Report | 11/17/2011 8:42 am
today is my sweetie's 21st b-day it makes me so happy to be with him still :3
GeminiDarkest Report | 11/14/2011 8:06 pm
long time no talk so how's it going?
GeminiDarkest Report | 11/07/2011 12:44 am
cat_xp how'd your halloween go? cat_3nodding
GeminiDarkest Report | 10/28/2011 2:44 pm
i wish zomg didn't make a stupid gold cap >.>
GeminiDarkest Report | 10/28/2011 11:38 am
thankies^^ my favortie dream avi is on my profile if you didn't get to see it yet also along with the dream avi i'm going after :3
GeminiDarkest Report | 10/28/2011 9:16 am
this is the recent dream avi i had b4 i sold it all to finish my gaia sister's avi cat_razz
GeminiDarkest Report | 10/28/2011 8:02 am
are you talking about the avi with the black and blue hair?
GeminiDarkest Report | 10/28/2011 7:33 am
Thankies^^ for visiting my profile cat_mrgreen I hope your doing well how've you been? cat_cool
Stormy Venture Report | 10/08/2011 5:14 pm
Stormy Venture
hey what happen to you... did you quit?