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Fan Art!

This was done by the talented oOXx-Kiki-xXOo thank you.
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Done by Angel of imperfection.
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Cute art done by SillyPinkFart
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Wonderful art by Denso
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Done by me when I was incredibly bored(I hate the face)
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Beautiful headshot done by Honeydew mew
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Gorgeous work done by Janleeblack
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I love posting stuff in the art arena's, yes it may not be the best stuff, but at least I tried.
YES this is me "NO" takey my pictures, I always have people taking my photo's whether it be my cosplay photos or my drawings. P.S I only post certain pics of myself because of people taking certain ones=(
User Image
Hey everyone my name is Usagi Kou^^ erm I'm a cosplayer, I love bunnies and guitars, drawing, sewing, anything that's sailor moon or cutish...And I'm a cool person, I'm a huge Sailor moon fan..Also every now and then I will be updating my page changing the background and such, cause who likes the same thing over and over?? not me!
my real name is??
well you will never know that one, until you introduce yourself or we chat it up.

Erm..Ok here we go this should be fun...I'm hyper happy go lucky, I'm 22 my b-day is in June I'm in uni I wanna be a vet cause I really love animals go figure eh?? lol..Ermm well anything else you wanna know just ask..Also I really love Itachi Uchiha and Kakashi and of course my wonderful husband<3
I love spending time on my family's farm/zoo,(My family Owns a fairly large zoo here in canada, so I spend most of my time there working it.

I love my babies, which include my two cats Mia and Luna, my gerbil whos name is well Gerbils, my Rabbit Kou, and my beautiful arabian mustang Artex(no he doesnt live with me, sadly he wouldn't fit in my backyard-.-)
I'm 6 months to be a vet, yes a vet, it's my dream job and the money I paid for school had better be worth it.
Our newest addition to the family is our new rotti X lab Named Axel(he's actually my families not my husbands and mine)

If theres anything else you would like to know just ask wink I'm open to most question. (nothing sexual or disturbing please)

User Image

1)Ra Ra
2)Moon child
3)Frog (cause im french go figure eh=)
4)Ro Ro
5)Chicklet (my bro gave me that one)
~BIRTH DAY-June 23d
~FAVOURITE ANIME-sailor moon(duh)
~NATIONALITY-french (My family is from france; Do not confuse me with quebec. I do not speak the slang.

1)gackt camui
3)mc master and james(old band)
4)shane west
5)the gotti boys
6)mark messier(hockey player)
7)bam margera
cool serial joe(i went to school with ryan)
9)ajay fry (host of YTV's crunch and now a good friend of mine)
10)Avril lavigne( she is my first cousin)
11) deryck whibley

I am also a fan artist, I run my own fanart buisness which includes
~making costumes
~keychains(of your fav anime,or w/e)
~stickers(of your fan anime or w/e)
~jewelry boxes
and any other forms of commissions or whatever you want, we can pretty much do it!!

User Image

DEE DEE DEE Yes this is me.
User Image

LOVE THIS ARTWORK! Thank you Blue_Cecil

User Image

~People who leave chain letter
~people who harass(you know who you are)
~anyone posting things in a sexual manner that are not my friends(because I don't know if you're joking)

PEOPLE I LOVE!(no particular order)
~Twazzer(my husband)
~Reno Takamiya
~Clovy clover
~Psyclon NEIN
~Caffeinated McKayla
~people who love to chat or leave random profile hello's
~art junkies,whether its drawing, painting, photography or just plain playing with mud, I love your life.

Here is my wonderful husband, dress as kakashi and himself=) yay
User Image

So please, Don't just lruk on my Pro, Leave me a comment; I will always return the favour

And please NO BEGGERS I'm not rich, yes I gift people. But usually only my friends, cause they talk to me!

Checker out

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Gaians I know in REAL LIFE
Rogue Angel Kiara
Ninja Tinkerbell

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Amanda576 Report | 07/31/2014 7:53 pm
I found you!!
comostatic Report | 10/07/2013 4:08 am
Oh hey Rachel! Yeah you haven't visited here for a loooooong time. Either that or I just didnt get any comment from you in a looooong time. XD Hehehe. I'm hoping everything is all good your side. Have a wonderful week ahead! *warm hugs*
comostatic Report | 06/20/2013 12:30 am
Rachie?! Heyyyyy its me Isaac. Hiiiiiii. Oh my God I haven't visited your profile page in like forever! Ack! Sorry. sweatdrop I'm hoping everything is becoming better for you. I just hope your court issues can get resolved quickly but fairly. Oh! My heart so goes out to Caleb. I do pray for only good things to happen for that little guy. You too. *squeezy hugs* Stay solid.
tastie wastie Report | 04/28/2012 2:59 am
tastie wastie
Hi! I just had to post a comment because I never leave a profile without doing so;D

Anyway, I love your profile and you have really good art(: I draw too, but nowhere near as good as that! surprised
Maxi Uchiha Report | 02/24/2012 11:25 pm
Maxi Uchiha
haha thank you for taking your time to watch it and im glad you enjoyed it smile
Maxi Uchiha Report | 02/24/2012 9:50 pm
Maxi Uchiha
cos player nice! I think you will appreciate this fan made YouTube Video of naruto! let me know what you think http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAl2DWNukbs
princess_saturn_kaiba Report | 02/22/2012 5:01 pm
You're welcome! Indeed it does work beautifully on her for a ball without a doubt.
lK Y O lK U N Report | 02/18/2012 7:56 pm
lK Y O lK U N
Nice Princess Serenity cosplay.
Spazmatik Muffinz Report | 02/11/2012 8:42 pm
Spazmatik Muffinz
lemme just say that i love usagi and artemis and luna and their babehs like diana and rini
Rogue Angel Kiara Report | 01/27/2012 8:11 pm
Rogue Angel Kiara
Yes indeedy do! I shall be there as always!


questing..I owe Mckayla Gifts coming your way soon<3 -_-

Bump if you see me glow! {Direct reply}



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