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Hey, my name is Julia and there's really nothing special about me. But that's okay, i'm sure you weren't expecting me to be anyways. I'm just a 15 year old teenage girl who enjoys the common things, such as listening to music and filling up my lonely existence with pixelated distractions. I'm also a bit of a teleiophile and I am currently attending a high school in Maryland as a junior and i'm still not so sure about what I want to do with the rest of my life, but if I can't find anything that really fits my interests, i'm just going to keep on the track i'm on to becoming either a nurse or pediatrician. I've been on gaia for about 5 years now on two separate accounts. I am way less confident irl than what I appear to be in that photo and on gaia, but i'm working on it.
don't judge me.

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