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Hello people of Gaia my name is Edwin jimenez love my last name cuz it don't get any better than that aha xD.

What I like
working out.
listening to music rock metal,rock punk, that rap that was the s**t unlike these days fukin gay a** music lol, oldies you anything danceble cuz I like to move it wink .
Singing I'm preety good at it not
to sound cocky biggrin
hanging out with friends
making people laugh
school biggrin ....sike!!!!!!!
girls and I mean lots of them haha jk one is enough for me wink
love bein romantic I'm good at it and who knows u might get lucky ;D >I'm still virgin so you girls chill xD <
I like honest girls that don't cheat and all that bullshit and gold diggers > sad they be getting money and no love sad but screw it .

What I don't like
cocky a** bastards > sad
girls that think there better then everyone if ur one of them I'm not talking back
homework but I still do it -_-" staying in the house all day
akward moments
wen I have a gf and the meet my ex ooo boi that gets ugly lol
well that's probably u know I don't juge biggrin

about me
well you guys know my name I'm Edwin jimenez for you people that didn't catch it up there ^ um I'm currently living in LA California woooo !! XD I'm 6'0 athletic body working on the 6 pack wink I love to talk alot I'm random happy and always exited biggrin love meeting new people !! So if you guys love adding add me bu talk to me cuz I don't loke wen people add and never talk to me . I'm in hightower school and I'm 16 biggrin . Girls!!! Were!! Lol let me talk about taste heh I really don't juge on looks it all comes down to who u r inside so basicly personality if u have alot of it then then I will get attracted tp u not that I fall in love quick I have to get to know u lol! The girls that really get me r the quiet ones cuz there always full of surprises wink lol but yah any girl that seems
nice and knows how to have a food time will be fine biggrin lol
foods! I love food but i eat right love vegitables fruit and um anything good lol
I'm not emo an I'm not in any of those catagories I'm me an u people should be your selfsame stop hiding in that shell and show ur true self people will love u or it trust me smile
and yah well idk that's me I guess add me if u think we can be friends or maybe even more wink lol who knows ! Well bye biggrin waffles!!!!!!!!
P.s just cuz I'm nice doesn't mean I can't handle stupid a** people try me !! I live in the ghetto I know how to
get down > wink

my sexy a** lover ;D

this is part of my back ground a love song in spanish

What im wearing.....pervs

think to ur self wat would jesus do X3

I love you my stalkers XD


i luv this gurl

another homie

damm i llook emo O.o

haley williams in my opinion is the hottes girl on tis planet!!!!