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Weeping Willow - My girl

Weeping willow with your tears running down
Why do you always weep and frown?
Is it because he left you one day?
Is it because he could not stay?
On your branches he would swing
Do you long the happiness that day would bring?
He found shelter in your shade
We thought his laughter would never fade
Weeping willow stop your tears
There is something to calm your fears
You think death is your do forever part
And I know he'll always be in your heart

A sister is someone who loves you from the heart,
No matter how much you argue
you cannot be drawn apart.
She is a joy that cannot be taken away,
Once she enters your life, she is there to stay.

A friend who helps you through difficult times,
Her comforting words are worth much more than dimes.
A partner who fills your life with laughs and smile,
These memories last for miles and miles.

When she is by your side, the world is filled with life,
When she is not around, your days are full of strife.
A sister is a blessing, who fills your heart with love,
She flies with you in life with the beauty of a dove.

A companion to whom you can express your feelings,
She doesn’t let you get bored at family dealings.
Whether you are having your ups or downs,
She always helps you with a smile and never frowns.

With a sister you cannot have a grudge,
She is as sweet as chocolate and as smooth as fudge.
Having a sister is not just a trend,
It is knowing you can always turn to her, your best friend.

"I believe."

"Do you believe in the impossible?" The wrinkle faced woman asked while gazing at the youthful child in remorse. A smile spread across the girl's face as she looked deep into the woman's eyes. "Do you?" the woman demanded, with a blink her once hollow eyes became glossy, as if her past was now surfacing. The child stood her ground, not being swayed by the elder's harsh tone. The pair lingered in their spot for what seemed like an eternity. Each of them challenging the other to break the silent spell that had been cast upon them. The girl's gaze wandered across her competitor's body, her frown lines stood at attention. they were like caverns, symbolizing many years of grief. At last she spoke, "I don't think anything is impossible." A smirk appeared on the listener's lips as she stood up slowly, straightening her aged spine. "Why?" bewilderment was emphasized in her stare as she questioned the youth. The child took a step back, as if evil had been cast upon her heart and was slowly seeping into her soul, her entire being....her lips parted slightly, welcoming words that were currently absent. Her vision was now set to the ground....a jolt sprang over her suddenly. She lifted her head and held it high, as she projected with pride, "because where there is love, there is strength, and with that strength, love will bring courage. Courage will give anyone the ability to surpass anything in their path." A light seeped into the woman's eyes as she absorbed the girl's beliefs. "I once had a love...." The girl's eyes widened with anticipation. The woman spoke further, "I learned with that love....it gave me wisdom...." The child shifted her weight from one foot to the other, her interest increasing as each word graced her ears. "It taught me something that I'll never forget" A long pause spanned out, the child spoke quietly, "what is that?" Now seeing that the poor adolescent was hooked, the woman edged closer...."that love taught me....to every good thing must come an ending...." The child shrank back, a demon consuming her will. "It was a beautiful time....but with the ending of that love, spawned an even stronger one.....and in my life I have learned that the greatest strength comes from three places...." The woman's arm stretched out wearily, her finger directed at the child's chest, "your heart" her arm raised slightly "your mind" the woman's hand gently grasped the child's, placing a foreign object in her palm. The child's fingers curled around the treasure, holding it dearly. The woman spoke quietly, almost a whisper, "and your soul....child, listen to me now and keep my words forever more." The girl nodded. "There is but one love that you need to learn, that love shall be the strongest and everlasting....with this love will come strength, and courage." The girl's hand opened and she peered down only to see herself in a small mirror. Her gaze darted up only to behold an elegant beauty, her stance strong and prideful, her eyes bright and wise. The girl glanced down at her hand again, then looked up. What she saw was a shower of golden dust drifting in the breeze. Her hand closed gently around the mirror and brought it up to her heart, holding it close. "I believe."

Broken Ties, Burns are Left

It seems that every passing day
Your memory fades
But it appears in contrast I grow to a never ending state of constant pain,
Missing your presence and companionship
T'was not so long ago my friend, that you and I were inseparable.
I still have faint recalls of our time
I don't understand why you murdered my mind,
The feelings you planted in my soul
Have left a rotting patch.
To which I have tried to cleanse and purify
Never will this be accomplished.
Your deeds too strong and my strength too weak
I am sorry for what I have committed.
Be it all a miss understanding, I can't rest till I have smoothed this broken friendship.


Once upon a time...
these words seem to start the beginning of every fairy tale
Happily ever after...
the closing where life remains peachy and grand
but as most of us will come to know
life isn't a fairy tale
there aren't any prince charmings
there isn't a genie in a bottle
there is only the b***h named reality
like the step mother in Cinderella
she's putting us down
time and time again, as if for pure amusement
until one day we're pushed to the edge
hovering over certain death
just as we're about to turn around
and b***h slap reality herself
some thing pushes us over the edge
and there we plunge
down and down
till we land in the arms of our hero
that once believed fake prince or princess
has reared their face
revealing the identity we've thought was hidden
they're people
just like us
and hand in hand we walk
into the sunset of what may be
our happily ever after

Wave after wave brings me under
stealing my breath
weaker and weaker
my fight for this life is growing dim
as I rest into the clutches of death
another wave crashes into me
a collision against this vessel
the last chance for life
my fierce and restless soul shall not be tamed
it will not be tamed
dodging throw after throw
as I grasp the gates of heaven
a slight glimpse of my life stares back at me
this isn't the end
reality hits me
and I awake

Its all for one
no one is on your side
they'll hurt you
they'll leave you
they'll kill you

They don't want love
they don't want peace
they don't want equality
they want to be feared
they want war
they want power
they don't want me
they don't want you
we're figureheads
what they want
your soul

Am I one of those?
so foolish
and dim witted
such ignorance
deep down
do I like the abuse?
do I like chasing unreasonable dreams?
do I like being treated like s**t?
as much as it hurts
I can't leave them...
if I leave it'll hurt
but if I stay
I'm still in pain
which is right?
what do I do?
maybe instead of always helping others
I need to accept some help
will I be able to change...

Stay strong
every day
is filled with pain
but I'll be here
I'll share your agony
to ease the suffering
keep the courage
in this time
in the state you're in
you've made it this far
its now or never
no turning back now
break the wall down
brick by brick
defeat this
tear by tear
day by day
then it'll be over
and you'll be free

When another day comes
as the sun sets
and rises again
will I see your shadow
guarding over me
or will I be alone
the chill of the wind
nips at every inch of my body
my loyal friend
now passed
why on Earth I couldn't save you
is a mystery
maybe better left unsolved

Turning left
dodging glances on the street
stop at a stand still
to see a familiar face
looking back at you
worn with years
marked with wrinkles
to resemble the countless nights gone
without any shut eye
dark eyes
deeper then the ocean
holding back tears
and secrets
this familiar face
you once knew
has become a faded memory
no longer able to withstand
any more abuse
you stroll away
leaving the window
you've been gazing into
the image has clouded your mind
memories flood
those deep eyes
have failed
as the tears roll down your weathered cheeks
you recall
every incident
that has ever made an impact
when there were lights
an audience applauding
cheers ribbon the atmosphere
then, at your prime
now the curtain
is coming to a close
taking a last bow
"thank you"
for every person
that has come to this show
every person
that has entered my life
made a part
and played it
the curtains gently stroke the stage floor
a smile spread
from ear to ear
what a wonderful show
you've preformed

Don't cross the line
the delicate border
that stands between us
I shall remain on my section
to invite people over
I'm terrified
they'll find the real me
and return to their original place
leaving me
and lonely
respect this boundary
or help break it down

My words
appear to be cruel
and heartless
don't be fooled
I care
more then I'm capable of showing
till their lungs give out
are intertwined
into a tangled mess
to say
what I really feel
I'm not sure of
I love you

A beautiful smile
spread across your face
how I desire
to behold this sight

Happy Sorrow
Bitter Sweet
Brave Fear
Calm Panic
Steady Shaking
Silent Screams
Dried Tears
Loving Hate
Peaceful War

Give us life
and we steal theirs
a silent massacre
by the millions
no way to rebel
speak out
or cry
as the people
of the Earth
need to share our planet
we shall give them
the same right
its their planet too

What does the wind say
as she whispers
a silent hush
sweeping across the land
an embrace
not seen

Its not the end of the world
the sky is falling
an earthquake
is splitting the continents
down the middle
falling down
like rain
the ocean swells up
and swallows people whole
fire races
across the land
swoop down
like birds of prey
and hurdle their bodies
adults screaming
children wailing
and I
stand in the midst
of it all
time stops
the terrified look
the loss of hope
the end
is here

Tie her down
limb by limb
till there's no escape
a blanket
of gasoline
covers her trembling body
are muted by tape
a single match
a tiny flicker
has a life of its own
but death
to her
they meet
and instantaneously
its over...


So this is it
this is where
our paths part ways
this is where
I'll spend the next week
this is where
I'll hold you
for the last time
this is where
it all ends
so this is goodbye
but it can't be
I just can't let you go
I want you here
by my side
I love you
don't leave me
I can't stand life
without you
don't go
this doesn't have to be

Don't you believe?
Don't you understand?
my light was fading
and world coming to a lonely prison
Don't you believe?
you changed it all
all of it...
you knew
I wasn't saying
what needed to be said
you knew
there was something wrong
you saw through my act
its not as easy
as I make it sound
but through and through
you were there
thank you...

Be Happy

All I want
is for you to be happy
don't you see?
I will do whatever it takes
just to bring you joy
I try and try
nothing works
there has to be
something to bring a smile
to your beautiful face
this might sound
like a load of s**t
but if nothing else
all I want
is for you to wake up
and love the fact
that you're alive
I want you
to smell the roses
seeing you in pain
is poisoning my body
slowly intoxicating it
please friend
as long as your joyous
I am
even if you despise me
it'd be ok
is there no way
I can help
is there no way?
I know
I can't make every body
happy all the time
but I'll damn well try
I beg you
be happy

A cold blade severs skin
the warm blood trickles
down my arm
the pleasure
the mind boggling distraction
my addiction
how I wish
to relive this feeling
to feel the relief it brings
even if only for a moment
how I wish
to vanish
to float into
the heavens above
to lay on a cloud
and gaze
at the world
below me
to be ridden
of humanly existence
but to leave behind
every one
and every thing
would make my heaven
a hell

Their wings give them freedom
the wind is their guide to the skies
I envy them
their voice that enchants many
their care free way of life
going where ever the breeze blows them

Hide whats inside
so no one else can see
I grit my teeth and smile
each and every day
I push the thoughts and night mares away
I try and I try harder
but nothing is getting through to me
every thing I think
every thing I see when my eyes are closed
is crimson colored
I can't live like this
smiling in front of others
I'm lying to their face
and why?
because I love them
I don't want them to worry about me
every thing about me
should disappear
why I tend to plant roots in hearts of others
I'll never know
what do I do?
I'm lost
and there is no map
when I look around
all I see
is black
all of the people I love
this is what I wanted
thought it was for the better
but I'm so hurt
I'm so scared
I'm lonely
and I'm broken hearted
after all the s**t I pulled
to get them away
will they come back?
if I get on my knees
and beg at their feet
will they forgive me?
so many said they could never hate me
but now they're gone
and I'm trapped
in this black abyss

"I love you"
are the three words
that keep me alive
they give me a purpose
no one
would throw such powerful words
without meaning it
such an intense emotion
and I can barely notice it
all these people say
"I need you, I love you"
you didn't know me before
why do you need me now?
you keep saying you love me
buy why?
why do you love me
what do I do
that's different from every one else?
I don't see
what is there to love in me?
I don't understand
why people love me
why they waste their time with me
why they care
why do you care?
would you be sad if I died?
why would you?

We don't have to do this
to sit here
staring at each other
in silence
tension can be lit by a match
how did this happen
I used to be breathless
now I'm out of breath
I want to turn back the clock
the one that never had enough time
but now has far too much to spare
I feel so lonely
but you're right by my side
what happened
to the flame of burning passion
I try to make things like they used to be
when we couldn't get enough of each other
when skin seemed to be a nuisance
when my heart was aching
just to be with you
now it seems
every thing is opposite
why did we become this way
where has the love gone
I'll search high and low to find it
in your eyes
the sparkle has dimmed
baby I promise
I'll do any thing
to rekindle the fire
but I need your help
I can't do it alone

A world
parallel to ours
filled with exact models
at a different perspective
that copy our movements
as if we're the same person
a silent companion
that is always by our side
till the sun
seeps below
and the world of night
has come to show
during the time the land is dark
the only period
they leave
when the sun peeks over the horizon
they'll rejoin you
our loyal friend

is an illusion
a warning
is dangerous

Hell or High Water

Come hell or high water
I'll dart through
the ashes burning my feet
flames set the scene
engulfing smoke and cinders
the gates of the underworld
will yield to my determination
the ocean
vast and deep
without fear
I'll sail through
past boat sinking storms
and whisking winds
dragging currents
and the barren sun
will bring me down
come hell or high water

The crowd in front of me
is fading away slowly
cold chill covers my body
dense fabric in front of my eyes
to hide from the truth
there's no escaping it
but I sure will try

Beautiful figures in the sky
such a thing can mystify

things eyes may never behold
sparkle like gold

prancing on four dainty feet
sharp scepter can't be beat

brilliant coat of white lace
real world doesn't embrace

magical contrast between here and there
a replica at the Renaissance fair

The feeling
that can grab a person's mind
and seize power
like a wild animal
it can't be tamed
something you can grasp
and bring to a still
but can never be rid of
awaits patiently
for the moment
then strikes out
can't be controlled
like wildfire

All this sadness
the crying
the fear
the wall
why are they here?
many who I love
many who love me
yet I still
have this voice
filling my head
with nonsense
its deceitful
I'm still scared
I can't escape
from myself

As you sit
glancing outside
your heart aches
to feel fresh air in your lungs
grass beneath your feet
sun on cold skin
trapped within four walls
a bird
enclosed in a cage
unable to spread its wings
and soar
guess that's why they call it
window pane

When all hope is lost
do you turn away in defeat
or do you charge it head on
when others doubt your ability
do you agree
or prove to them they're wrong
do any thing you set your mind to
make the impossible...possible
climb to the top of the mountain
reach your hands out to the stars


can be controlled
one careless mistake
and its wrath is let loose
doused with water
and the flame is cooled
air is fire's fuel
give it air give it life
the inferno
that can destroy
any thing in its path

Paper Heart

My paper thin heart
easy to tear
shaped in the palms
toss it in a fire
watch it burn


In a room
alone and cold
walls drawing closer
blood runs through my veins
goose bumps perch along my flesh
breaths shorten
the panic
the fear
the screams
that don't escape my throat
crushing pressure
that'll be the last thing I know
from this world
last thoughts
ones I love
ones I'll never forget

No Matter

No matter what I do
No matter what I try
No matter what I say
No matter what I cry
It just doesn't work
No matter what I think
No matter what I believe
No matter what I understand
It still happens
No matter what I feel
No matter what I see
It still hurts
No matter what
There is only so much we can do

Worlds away
isolated and desolated
here to be forgotten
beings who make it
are my most loved
and my most feared
dreading the day
they'll turn to space
and take off
leaving me
gasping in the dust
all the tears
all the sleepless nights
all the pain
all the lonely days
none of that
will bring them back
torn from my arms
totally unexpected
like a sucker punch
my pleas
are carried away with the wind
I can't let any one
seep their way
into my heart
so fragile
it can be broken like glass
put back together
but still able to see the cracks
the next time
easier to break
just how much
will my heart take
till it can't be put back together
the cracks have left scars
pain is hidden
not in the scar
but the memories that caused them
fearful to add to my collection
I've closed the gate
my heart shall remain
in its prison
till the day
it is bailed out
a brick wall
to keep others at afar
one at a time
people break through
boulders replace the bricks
the stones are cold
exactly how I feel
when I'm huddled alone
tears rolling down my cheeks
I wonder what its like
to feel loved
to know that people want you
to understand I am important
all of this
is true to this day
but the beautiful picture
is blocked by the fog
the lies
my mind has made
until I can feel again
I will love
with all my might
I will learn
and live
to be someone
who is loving
and loved
only tears I shed
will be ones of joy
for I will know
I have a purpose
one day
the sun will shine
the fog will clear
and my eyes will behold
the astonishing image
of what was
and what always will be


One foot in front of the other
a simple task
why can't I put it into action
permanently stuck here
can not move
many places I need to go
many faces I need to see
buy my feet are nailed to the ground

The last few
grains of sand
in the hour glass of my life
so many to thank
so many to inform
tell them I love them
but so little time
no way
I can't say all I need to
with these moments
these last few breaths
will encompass
only a small portion
of my gratitude
"Forever will you all be in my heart, all the words in the dictionary can not describe how much I love every single one of you. I'm honored to have spent my life with you. All of my best wishes go out. Please remember...to never forget me."

Dead End

At a dead end
the only way is back
come too far to turn around
I'll have to venture
into the unknown
past the boundaries
out where no one has been
time to make my own path
and stand on my own
not to follow in other's foot steps
but create my own


Like a mime
I'm trapped
within these invisible walls
there's no way out
every one is outside
I'm alone
inside this prison

I'm being taken over
this pain is getting the better of me
I need help
the scar has been reopened
can't fix it myself
why did this happen
I want to go back
the happy and worry free
the loving and loved
the sweet and proud
the person I used to be
please help
I've fallen to my knees
begging at your feet
please save me from myself
thoughts frighten me
just can't do it
I want to give up
for it all to be over
but others are egging me on
I have to get over this wall
if I fall
dust off and climb again
they know I can do it
its my mind holding me back

Devil's Whisper

Little figures on your shoulder
One overpowered by the other
Working his way into your mind
Poisoning thoughts
The devil's whisper...
...is all it takes...

Gentle Giants

Their hooves pound into the earth
Butterflies in your girth

Beauty and freedom that you can't compare
Brings happiness and joy like at the fair

No human will know
The power that horses show

The soul in their eyes
Gentle giants you can't disguise

There is no place I'd rather be
But with a horse beside me

Inner Hell

Every thing
is coming to a close
body, mind, heart, and soul
are being isolated
these gates are locked
there is a key
a key to unlock every thing
to release my spirit from these bars
bring me back to Earth
away from the hell
that is locked
inside of me


These voices inside my head
are pushing me to the edge
I don't want to listen
I hate them
but they keep persisting
I search for help
but deny it and struggle on my own
no one is around
I ignore the voices
and plunge into what may be
the end

I Love

I love so many
I love them as much as seeing the sun rise every day
the energy they give me to keep going
is as endless as the stars in the sky
no matter what
they'll always be there
and I'll always be there for them
I can never forget
nor will I want to
the way they changed and bettered me
has made all the difference

I'll Be Gone

I'm not worth it
don't shed tears for me
don't waste your time being with me
It's just not worth it
don't waste your breath by talking to me
don't bother to listen
what's not being said
shall stay that way
I won't bother you any more
just ask me to leave
and I will

Sky Hopes!

People look toward the sky
to find an answer
their answer is a vast space
full of other wonders
so many possibilities
chances that have to be taken
glimmering hope
a refreshing breath of air
that encourages others
to start a new

Remember to Never Forget

We need to look back
every once in a while
to remember
what has happened
to learn from previous mistakes
so they don't reoccur
to remind ourselves
that there is a future

Diamond Tears

Tears are like diamonds
they shine when the light hits them
and they are rare to come across


I can apologize
for things I have done
I can say sorry
for things I haven't done
but that doesn't make it,

Keep Moving Foward

I'll keep going
no matter what
I'll go with loved ones by my side
if they leave
I'll keep going
no matter what is thrown my way
I'll dodge it and
I'll keep going
when there is no more ground to walk on
I'll fly and
I'll keep going

My Dad

I hate you
I know hate is a strong word
but it's perfect
just knowing I'm part of you
makes me wish
I was never born
had no idea
did you?
Because I kept it hidden
I always thought
you never gave a damn about me
you've never truly proven me wrong
I would leave this place
this house
or Earth
which ever I felt was right
but I haven't
it would be hell for others
and you are Satan
these words sting
but I can't stand it any more
so, dad
when I speak
don't believe my words have meaning
cause most likely
they don't
"love you"

I'm done!

I'm done!
All this nonsense!
I can't stand it!
I don't care what the hell you do!
Just leave me alone!
I hate this!
I hate being here!
Can't you see?!
I'm done....
I hate it here
but these four walls
are my prison.....
for now....
my soul is screaming
but I don't say a word


Who is that?
a combination of my parents
a bit like my dad
a bit like my mom
their daughter
I'm their flesh and blood
I can't change that
no matter what
I'll always be
a combination of them
not Cecilia
but the daughter of them
takes two halves to make a whole
"We'll always be in your heart"
yeah, you sure will

I Cry

I cry outside
don't want any one to see
I cry inside
don't want any one to see
I won't shed a tear
don't want any one to see

Hide ang go Seek

I hide it
cover it up with dirt
so no one can find it
I conceal it
put it under lock and key
so no one can find it
I destroy it
lite it into a flame
so no one can find it
I regret it
keep it in my thoughts
so no one can find it
I carry it
close with me
so no one can find it
I run away from it
far away, but it follows
so no one can find it
Time for you to seek what I hid
Can you find it?

Why's the Question, but What's the Reason?

There is always a reason
why we were born
could have been "god's wish"
maybe the parents screwed up and forgot protection
or you were wanted
Either way, you're here
and you have to find your purpose
wither it be to help the Earth
protect your country
or maybe to be a good friend
There is always a reason
why we die
from natural
from an accident
or you gave your life
so others could live
You Were Born For A Reason
Never Think You Weren't Wanted


My feet are planted
like the roots of a tree in the earth
Nothing can knock me down
a storm rolls in
the winds are overbearing
and I come crashing into the soil


Tears are shed
as you lie sleepless in bed

There is something your heart will lack
knowing nothing will bring them back

You need to live and never forget
the pain is terrible and you regret

Healing will take a while
bring good memories and smile

As the days pass
start feeling better and get off your a**

They may not be by your side
but they love you and that's nothing to hide


A sea of flowering gold
Sun warms your skin, never cold

Name of people that you love
Graceful and care, like a dove

Never things that you fear
Open your eyes and things are clear

Dreams that may never be
Are illusions that you see

Be proud hold your head high
Smile and laugh as you go by

Don't let dreams stop you in your track
They're just dreams never look back

Life's a Two Way Lane

Life isn't a one way road
there are so many turns that are taken
dead ends and do not enter signs
some times the signs are ignored
a crash could occur
or you go in reverse
the engine might run out of fuel
just call for a friend and they'll help you back
there may be some problems
but none that you can't overcome

Nothing More

The sound of a leaking pipe
cold damp air
a cloud of steam from your mouth
tick tick tick tick tick
a chill shoots through your body
eyes wander in all directions
but nothing is seen
a flash of panic
a glimpse of memories

Just Because

Just because I'm quiet
doesn't mean I don't have any thing to say
when I dream, it's not always good
when I cry, it's not always bad
when I say "I'm alright" it's not always true
Just because I have bad hearing
doesn't mean I won't listen
I'm shy
but I want a little attention
Just because.........

This is the time

It calls through my mind
Like the sound of a hundred horses racing
The thundering pulse that sends a chill through your spine
Blood is coursing within your veins
And you feel invincible
This moment is yours and only yours
The spectacles of many is enclosed on the sight of you
Adrenaline pumping, there is no fear
Your eyes focus on that glimmer of hope
Wishing that it'll guide you
Take a deep inhale
There is no time
But there is all the time in the world
Don't miss this chance
It might never come again

I'm gone

I'm leaving
Gone like the rain from the desert

I vanished
Just like a magician's trick
Now you see me.....now you don't

I was never here
Like a vision in a blind person's eyes
Here today and gone tomorrow

Will I come back?
Only if I want to retrace my steps
Time will tell

How long will I be gone?
I'll return when the time is right
But I'm not bringing a clock

Will I be alright?
Hard to say
I'll cross that road when I come to it

I feel.....

Why do I feel so cold
When its blazing hot outside

Why do I feel lonely
When I'm in a crowd of people

Why do I feel left behind
When they are standing next to me

Why do I feel worth less
When I am loved by so many

Why do I feel the way I feel?

What do you do?

Where do you go
when you don't know where to go

Who do you turn to
When there is no one there

When do you know when the time is right
If there is no clock

What do you say
When your speechless

Why try to fly
When there is no air beneath your wings


"Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me"
Words are stronger than many people think
they can pierce through your skin and sting
they can lite every strand of nerves in your body into a flame
they can burrow a hole into your skull and make you go insane
Words are stronger than many people think
they can rest in your mind and create a comfort
they can flow in your blood stream and be the only thing you can thrive on
they can touch your heart


When there is no more ground to run on
Where do you go?
Spread your wings and soar
Caress the clouds with your finger tips
Let the stars guide you

Far Away

I've waited so long to get here
I've traveled from afar
But no one else waited for me
I can't go back to the others
I'm all alone
I'm scared and unsure
There is no where to go from here
Or there is
I need someone to guide me
I'm stranded
I'm alone
There is no one
There is nothing


Every day and night
It's filled with wonder and fright

When your hopes are looking down
Lift your head up and kill the frown

No one can see
What tomorrow could be

Don't try to control
Just let it be and let it roll

No one knows what mother nature has in store
Just pray for good things more and more

Don't think you can conceive
If you don't fully believe

What miracles life may bring
Could make you dance and sing

Not every thing in the world is sad
Look forward to tomorrow and it'll glad

Don't let any body make up your mind
Acknowledge their opinion and be kind

Just judging a book by its cover
Leaves out so much to discover

Open your eyes and see
What beautiful things there will be

Follow your heart
But don't let body and soul depart

Hold their hand tight
And love with all your might

Maintain a cheerful smile
And stay happy for a while

No matter what the present may lack
Keep moving forward and never look back

The sky is the limit

The sky is the limit
don't be scared of heights
the stars are there to guide your way
the clouds are there to catch you if you fall
The sky is the limit


How do you win
when there is no other way
how do you know when to give up
when your determination isn't dwindling
how do you love
when you can't love yourself
how do you keep going
when there is no where to go
how do you know
when you don't know

I wonder

Sometimes I wonder
what would the world be like if I never existed
would the people I love be happier if I never met them
would someone better replace me
what would happen if I left
would any one care
I know they would
so why do I keep thinking they'd be happier


Who is this person in the mirror
she seems so happy
like there isn't a problem in the world
but the mirror only reflects what's on the outside
what would I find if I searched through her thoughts
would they match the outside
or would they reveal something else
Our movements match
who could she be
I take another long look
and realize, its me

Think of Me

Think of me
when your smile has disappeared
when your hope is parting
when your friends aren't there to help
when no one cares
when you're about to cry
when you feel lost
when you forget where home is
Think of me and smile

Two Worlds

When two worlds collide
Lives are integrated
Dreams are created
New hopes are sprung
Different cultures intertwine
When two world's collide
The ending becomes endless

They are There

We travel the world
searching for that someone
who makes the half of us a whole
When they could be right in front of us
we search aimlessly
to find that one person
who brings a smile to our face
When they could be right in front of us
we gaze at the stars
and make a wish
a hope that we can find someone
When they could be right in front of us
wishing on the same star,
hoping we notice
That they are the someone


I feel like I'm alone
there isn't any one there
when they are there
I shut them out
hide everything
almost everything that makes up me
there are two sides of who I am
the sweet, kind, carefree, and happy person
then there is the stressed, worried, frustrated, emotional, and confused part of me
Which one do you know?
Please help me figure it out
I don't believe I know who I am any more
I don't think I ever knew who I was
My name is only a title
Nothing but a name to call me
I make up the name
The name doesn't make who I am

When Why What Where Who

When was the last time you smiled?
When was the last time you cried?
Why did you smile?
Why did you cry?
What caused you to smile?
What caused you to cry?
Where did you smile?
Where did you cry?
Who did you smile in front of?
Who did you cry in front of?

I can feel, is that good?

I feel so lost
I feel like I'm trapped
the walls are closing in
the air escapes from my lungs
I feel so scared
no one is there to help
I feel like I'm falling
I can't see a thing
but I can feel the pain
I feel so helpless
my cries are unheard
these tears are streaming
I can't calm my mind
the grieving is more than I can bare
I feel lifeless
I can feel my legs tremble
I can feel my gasps for air
I can feel gravity crushing me
I can feel the panic coursing through my body
I can feel everything

What I See

In this mirror I see
eyes that are tired and wanting
I see a face that has been caressed by tears
I see this mouth that hasn't said enough
I see a person who doesn't give them self enough credit
In this heart I see
emotions that aren't understood
I see a slight pain that may grow
In this mind I see
too many worries
I don't see memories
I see stress and thoughts
In this mirror I see me
It's time I start looking with my eyes open


the good days
the bad days
the lessons
the people
the love
the loss
the gain
the accomplishments
the failures
Remember to never forget

Some Day

Some day we can reach the stars
Some day we can fulfill our dreams
Some day we can find love
Some day we can be invincible
Some day we can fly
Some day we can reach the top of that mountain
Some day we can hope
Some day we can mend
Some day we can live and love life
We'll make that "some day" every day

Pros and Cons

The most beautiful things
Can contain the deadliest posion
The things that can be breathtaking
Can steal your last
The people that can make your heart skip a beat
Can tear it into shreds
The memories that make you smile
Can be forgotten
The hope that keeps you going
Can be burned
The people you love
Can turn against you

Looking past the pros
Can show the painful cons

Don't judge

Don't judge a book by its cover
the chapter will contain so much more
the story might throw you off your feet
the details could be realistic
the book could be long, or short
the beginning could be wonderful
the ending could be tragic

Reaching for the Stars

People say reach for the stars
I look at the night sky and gaze at the stars I can't reach
Actually getting to them is unlikely
Why are we trying to get there?
What awaits if we do reach the stars?
Do we keep going up or do we just fall back down?

Many Directions

My mind says forward
My heart says backward
My soul says left
My body says right

I'll stay here till I decide

So Thats What They Say

They say a watched pot doesn't boil
So, does time stand still when watched?
No, it just feels like forever for it to pass

They say you should count your lucky stars
There are so many in the sky
Which ones are lucky?

They say the best things come to those who wait
How long do I have to wait?
Some of the best things happen in an instant

They say violence is never the answer
Well, I agree
But why is there so much fighting?

They say silence is the golden rule
I don't understand
Keeping quiet for too long is not gold, but pyrite

Well here is what I say
I say live life to its fullest
What do you say?

We Wait

we wait too long for life to begin
only for it to end so quick

we wait too long for our dreams to come true
only for it to end not like the fairy tales

we wait too long to learn our lesson
only for it to end with a mistake for life

we wait too long
only for it to end

I'll Help

Take my hand
lead me into your darkest thoughts
cry on my shoulder
borrow my courage
I'll lead you back
back into the light
back where the sun warms your skin
back where your memories are left behind
and you can move on
Take my hand
and don't let go

Things Are Said

People say things
That mean so much
People say things
And their words are hollow


I can't remember it
I don't know what happened
I have two different stories
I don't know......
If its not here
Why does it hurt so much?


The bluebird sitting high in a tree
Voices a sorrowful lullaby
Calling out notes of pity and dread
Hushing the cries of children and adults alike
The bluebird a joyful looking creature
However people and animals are both good
At concealing their emotions
So is the bluebird blue by nature?
Or is blue what its feeling?

If Today Was Your Last Day

If today was your last day
Would you be able to forgive?
Would you be proud of what you've done?
Would you regret not forgiving your enemies?

Do what you need to do
To be proud of yourself
To not have your last day
Full of regrets, change

I want to know more about people
People in my life who are strangers
Because you don't always get the chance
To replay a moment, a moment in your life

Live your life how you want
And don't leave full of regrets


Growing tall and tall
seeing us all from below,
drifting with the breeze
blowing leaves
high up in the air
Oh, tree how did you get way up there
Until you fall back to the ground,
Please tree give birth,
Help mother earth


Ribbons held tight to pointed shoes
Keeping up with all graceful moves

Leaving weight on one toe
Dancing to music to and fro

Leaping beautifully in the air
With talent you can't compare

Moving with every beat
With pointed toe feet

So very light
Dancing with all their might

You can't look away
With the way they sway

Across the stage
Like an illustration on a page

Taking a long stride
Full of self confidence and pride

Moving like a swan
Dancing until dawn

Taking a bow
The dance is done for now

What is it to you?

Its the air beneath an eagles' wings
Its the hope that never diminishes
Its the never ending pride
Its the spark in their eyes
Its the encouragement in their speach
Its the love in their heart
Its the strength in their stance
What is it to you?

Please Help

These limbs have grown weak
This pair of wings has been clipped
Be with me and help
Please teach me to soar

This fear has put me at a standstill
These tears rolling down my cheek
Stay with me and help
Please bring back my courage

These hands are shaken
This memory is lost
Enlighten me and help
Please give me a reason to remember

This rock has broken my bones
These words have crushed my spirit
Mend these and help
Please replenish my strength

This needle has brought pain
This thread has bound me
Take these and help
Please sew my broken heart

I need you
I belong with you
I love you
Please, stay by my side

I'll be there

I'll lend you my hand to hold
I'll lend you my shoulder and let you cry
I'll lend you my ears to listen to your voice
I'll lend you my mouth to tell you "I love you"
I'll lend you my strength to pick you up when you fall
I give you my heart which will remain with you through it all

Everyone needs a friend to rely on....not everyone is lucky enough to find one...

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Do you find yourself at the cross roads of life?
When your standing there do you go forward or backward?
At which path do you take
How can you do forward with what's on your mind, or do you want to say where you are now lingering on what has happened?
Would you feel anguish if you went forward?
Would you feel sorrow if you went back?
Which way do you take now?
Which seems the best way?
How do you know if its the best way for you?
Well take the path that goes forward!
Though you may be scared though you want to turn back keep moving forward, away from the past and into your future
Just find the path that leads you forward

New World

What if the world ended
while you slept and every thing
you did before,
didn't happen again?

What if all the problems
you have before,
didn't happen again?

What if the man people say
you have to call "dad", even
though you didn't want to,
wasn't your dad again?

What if you were one race,
but you wanted to be biracial,
so you can have both worlds happen?

What if you wanted to live
in a place that you know
you can find the right people
to call for help for?

What if you can speak
more than one language,
so no body can understand you?

I don't know I think,
people with things they with they have
should wake up one day,
and know that they have everything
they wanted in life like:
a perfect family
friends they can tell everything to
no close family members dying so young
a shelter called home you can go to, and never be afraid to go in

Nothing More

Nothing more Nothing less.... Thump Thump! Thump Thump!
Beating of an unknown heart
Disappearing gasp for air
Nothing more than memories, pictures, and thoughts of past
Love ones gather; tears shed
Distant memories arrive in head
Times up, all is lost
The fading of memories
Are distant.........in......head

You Lose

"Trust me"
How can I?
After all that's happened
After all you've done
After all's been said
After every thing,
my trust in you has vanished
I respected you, you respected me
I loved you, you loved me
didn't you?
I now see it was an unfair business deal
my respect and love has vanished
over time, we gain some, lose some
I understand it well
you lost my trust and gained doubt
you lost my respect and gained disgust
you lost my love, and for that, gained hate
Every thing you once had,
you lost
All that's been shared
has been stolen
if I said "I hate you"
would you believe me?
probably not
but, I do hate you
"Trust me"

The Sky's Higher Power

In every kingdom in the sky there are beautiful gods and goddesses. With every kingdom in the sky there are always animals down on land who admire their beings with greater powers. The gods and goddesses all posses powers. Without the power the animals down on land would not be able to survive. Well, in the house hold of light lived siblings. The house hold held a brother and sister. Nightwing was the older brother, his little sister was named Sonny. Sonny was so radiant and beautiful that she supplied the Earth with light. Nightwing was extremely proud of his beloved little sister. He himself was handsome and rather dashing. However, when he was just an infant his life was threatened. An illness had implanted itself in his blood stream. This illness comes from their mystical blood line and only chooses the gods or goddesses who will someday change the life of others. His parents were desperate to save their child's life. Knowing that he might someday change the world they made a deal with an evil wizard. The deal seemed harmless, and it insured the life of their child. The catch was, if Nightwing lived, he would turn into a black crow. Sonny and Nightwing loved each other very much. Nightwing guided her and encouraged her every day. Every morning he'd say to her, “You are bright, you are brave, you are beautiful.” If nothing else, Sonny wanted her dear brother to be proud of her. So she shinned and smiled, bringing plenty of light down to the land mass below. Nightwing felt useless. He was, indeed, thrilled for his little sister. But, what could a black crow do?
With all of Sonny's smiles and shines, the animals were growing tedious and needed a break. The other gods and goddesses noticed the animals starting to struggle. They told Sonny to take a break, and relax for a while. Shocked, Sonny thought the other gods and goddesses were trying to make her do something wrong in order to make her brother upset with her. Sonny shinned more than ever before. Nightwing's mother was worried about her daughter and the animals sake. So, she took Nightwing's old torn baby blanket and told him to put it around the globe in order to dim her slightly. For the first time in his life Nightwing thought his mother was a fool. Out of respect he obeyed his mother's wish. He took the blanket in his beak, spread his wings and took to the air. With all his might he soared over the land and the sea. The blanket soon encased the world. Sonny finally realized that the other gods and goddesses were not trying to harm her relationship with her brother. She was very ashamed of her disrespect and apologized vigorously to the others. She went to her brother, who was resting after his great odyssey. She knelt down beside him and looked deeply into his eyes. With tears at the brink she whispered to him, “You are bright, you are brave, you are beautiful.” With tears rolling down her face she let out a small light that shone a soft blue. The glow shined through the the holes and the tears in the fabric. Creating the beautiful spectacle, we today, call stars.


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Just let it out you know... Like after taco night...JUST LET IT OUT!

My quotes

In the depths of our hearts is the only place we can hide our deepest secrets. When you fall in love and give your heart to some one you give all of you and nothing to be left out....

Its easier to love than to hate.

Instead of covering up your emotions....tell someone how you feel and bring each other closer.

Its not about the first or last breath. Its about all those in between.

Instead of looking down on someone help them stand back up.

When you fall you want someone to be there to catch you....when there isn't, dust yourself off and get back up.

Being different scares some people....if everyone is different what is there to fear?

People say love hurts...love doesn't hurt...love keeps us going...death, rejection, fear, suffering...those hurt...loves only mends those pains

I'm fighting with my emotions and my mind I feel like I am losing, and there is no hope I should give up and let whatever happens, happen.

just fade away and go to the stars look down on the earth...feel free..fall into reality and feel the shock of the real world

I feel like im useless, like the world would spin faster without me, like im the cause of all pain, like its my fault that im here

When a heart breaks it doesn't break even

you should look forward to every day though you never know what turns you'll take that could change tomorrow or the rest of your life.

"I believe in peace but I'll fight for freedom" ~ unknown

"Shallow men believe in luck.Strong men believe in cause and effect" ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Let every year be precious. Let every month have meaning. Let every day bring you closer to tomorrow. Let every minute be filled with love. Let every second come and go with ease. Cause they could be your last.

Every thing falls in place for a reason. Sometimes you have to sort out the pieces to see the reason.

Hearts arent meant to race against each other. But meant to beat together.

i feel so lost and clueless this life is a maze and i have to find the end

When you remember I hope you smile....when you remember I hope you laugh....when you remember I hope you remember me.

no matter how much you try to explain love isn't something someone can relate to unless they've loved or been loved

time seems to pass slowly when your in pain, any type of pain or emotion longing. Then when its cured it seems to fly past and then you cant keep up with it

In your eyes it might be a failure. In others it might be an accomplishment. Depends how you look at it.

"Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs; Being purged, a fire sparkling in lovers' eyes" ~ Shakespeare

My Poems

Its hard to look at something in the mirrorIf the image is blurred.

Poems that my friends have written

you know that feeling of longing? the feeling that can only be solved by who your longing for? what if you cant see them?

Same story, I just updated it and made it better. Hope you enjoy!

"A horse is the projection of people's dreams about themselves-strong, powerful, beautiful-and it has the capability of giving us escape from out mundane existence." ~ Pam Brown

"Stealing horses is stealing power." ~ unknown

"Many a tear has to fallBut it's all in the game.All in the wonderful game,That we know as Love." ~ unknown

"Scars are like tattoos, but with better stories" ~ unknown

Just because it's a house you live in, it doesn't make it a "home"

"If you love something let it go,If it comes back to you its yours,If it doesn't, it never was,and its not meant to be." ~ unknown

"Harmony and elegance are the key words to describe a proper Haflinger." ~ unknown

When all else fails, its time for an a** whoopin.

"Love your enemies. It makes them so damned mad." P.D East

Wild hearts running free can never be broken.

"I see said the blind man to his deaf friend, I see..."

Dig my grave Dig it deep Dig my grave From head to feet And on top Place a dove To show the world I died for love

"When the world comes to an end, I hope that you know that you have always meant the world to me." - My little sister

I'm quitting gaia, but I'll be on like once a month to check up on my buds n' pals.