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Percy De Rolo Report | 01/05/2009 8:48 pm
Percy De Rolo
In the "Avatar: the last air bender" Live action movie, the actors who will play the 4 of the main charecters have been announced, and they are all white! Aang is not white! Join me and many other of the Avatar fans to make a difference in this mess. Read more about it at Send letters and Emials, and PLEASE spread the word!!
mitsuki-ten Report | 07/30/2008 1:01 pm
hello people I have a new account that i can log into If you want to be this persons friend add me not this lifless ghosted account(i was hacked)k
Solablood Report | 05/21/2008 7:30 pm
Hey Kat, it's been a while since we talked! Whats up?

Ack!! You're an esper girl? Darn, 'coz I'm a time traveller! All we need now is a robot girl & a normal guy... plus some killer moves! Hare hare yukai!
mitsuki-ten Report | 05/04/2008 3:37 pm
Kodocha711 Report | 05/02/2008 12:21 pm
Yeah whats up !
ChildofLight2 Report | 05/01/2008 4:45 pm
Yep I saw a part of it!
ChildofLight2 Report | 05/01/2008 4:15 pm
Awww! At least you got your money congrats!!!!
ChildofLight2 Report | 05/01/2008 2:33 pm
Good and you? LOVE PRO!!!! Where you find it?

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