Howdy, I'm Nicki.
I am a crazy girrlly and I don't care what you think about it.

I LOVE old music, it soothes mee.
My favorite color is seafoam green, pshh who's isn't?
I will tell you my age when I get closer to youu.

I'm deff. not a bish, but I hate people who are.
Fake people annoy me. Stop trying. You'll get no where.

Buutt let's get to know eachother?
I won't let you down.


Gaming info:
My gamertag is Z 2the Esquared. I was semi pro in Halo 3, and I'm looking to be the first ever female pro for Halo: Reach. I attend MLG events because I'm just that G. If you want to play with me on Xbox live just hit me up with an invite or a message telling me who you are. I ignore random F/R's juss sayin'. My semi team name was Cute Animals. 2011 season (L)ets (F)ucking (G)o! GO GREEN.

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