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Twofeet Report | 09/28/2007 5:22 am
try this out, if you send this to 12 people and press ctrl+w u get 4000 gold

trust me it works!
Twofeet Report | 09/17/2007 7:03 am
Just drop by to say hi, random =)
The Guardian Sorceress Report | 09/11/2007 12:09 am
Hi there Awesome profile!!
~Kahmyia~ Report | 06/28/2007 10:54 am
Hi User Image
Hello_Kitty1987 Report | 06/24/2007 11:16 pm
Maybe random, but its all the truth! Maybe you should try asking what those are about b4 just jumping to conclusions!
Hello_Kitty1987 Report | 06/23/2007 9:03 pm
For one, those are my best friends! And I am not that way with chicks in the first place, if you had been on more often to talk to me, then maybe you would have known that in the first place! But hun, there really wasn't anything to break off in the first place, just because we haven't talked in a LONG time! So techniquely, we have been over for a while, its called drifting apart, if you don't want that to happen when its over the net, try sending the chick some messages and on top of that, I have a hard time taking rp relationships serious! Thats the whole truth behind the charator of Hello_Kitty1987!
Hello_Kitty1987 Report | 06/12/2007 10:43 am
Hey, whats going on?
Hello_Kitty1987 Report | 04/23/2007 10:22 pm
Please vote for my avi in the arena please! Thankies ^_^
Hello_Kitty1987 Report | 04/19/2007 10:44 pm
nice profile and Send This To All Ur Friends,
And Me If I Am 1.
If U Get 7 Back U R Loved

1-3 u r a bad friend
4-6 u r a ok friend
7-9 u r a good friend
10-& ^ u r a great friend

~Kahmyia~ Report | 04/08/2007 6:51 pm