Hey guys, its Miley!! Well as you know Ive been super busy but i havent stopped thinking about you guys once.
Its been so hectic with not only the Miley & Mandy show, but now also my new twitter, OFFICIAL twitter, www.twitter.com/MiSmile
Also my myspaces www.myspace.com/MileyCyrus & www.myspace.com/xMiCyx you guys can always get ahold of me there. Please remember this information.

I havent stopped thinking about you guys at all, I miss you guys alot, & even gaia sometimes. I still talk to Stella Hudgens all of the time and we recollect over all of Gaia very often actually. Its a normal thing. So thank you all who are STILL sending messages thats just.. amazing. I figured you guys had forgotten about me, but it seems you havent and thats just the best ever.

I DONT have another Gaiaonline. This one, obviously, isnt on much at all but i do NOT have another one.
I just wanted you all to know that its unbelievable how much i have truely matured since my gaiaonline experience and i owe alot of that to you fans as well not just myspace, twitter & youtube. But gaia has been a huge part of my life. Thank you guys so much for helping me through tour, taking me through all of those heartaches because it was wonderful & i miss you guys very much. I hope youre all doing well & seeing the comments you leave TRUELY warms my heart. Its amazing.
I wont be on long today but i WILL post a journal about some of my PERSONAL life that has happened while i was gone, and check all of my messages if i can. I am so glad Gaia has finally expanded the friend space, but i think i need more. Thank you guys so much remember to check out my more frequent links.

Also, whats coming up---
March 26 - KCA!! I have FIVE nominations and im so beyond excited. Its just wonderful. Will explain more in the journal.
April 2 - Hannah Montana the Movie premier begins. Will explain about this in the journal as well.

Also, what has been released already is the book i wrote myself MILES TO GO. Thats so much of my personal life that no one knew and i truely hope that you enjoy that and it touched your heart like you guys did mine. =)

A bit for the personal stuff,
I am currently dating Justin Gaston. If you have a problem with that, im very sorry but i have bigger fish to fry. He was there, he saved me and he makes me who i am. He makes me happy. 'Since when does bein happy, become like commiting a crime'?
Mandy Jiroux and i are still best friends. Will be forever & always. I will post the Miley & Mandy recent videos up and let you check those out.
My family is doing amazing, we are all healthy and happy and in good graces. We are all praying for you as well.

God bless you gaians, i miss you so much & love you dearly, xoxo,


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Hi. I'm Miley, or some call me Hannah I guess. Well, I love singing, and acting, obviously. I am on tour alot now, which means that I am going to be spending alot more time online, and since this site is pretty cool probably on here. I have friends o



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b***h you fake.
HoboGirl XD

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HoboGirl XD


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Miley do you remember me? D:!

i was emmy_calculater

then i changed my user name too


and now it's xXemmy_grunny_hopeXx


Hope your having a GREAT life! xD
-X-I RawR Candii - X-

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-X-I RawR Candii - X-

r u a lez
Sakura Haruno108

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Sakura Haruno108

Hey,Miley whats up i haven't heard from you lately how ya been? ^_^

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everyone know you're a poser, but they just don't want to believe it. So if you are not going to come on than just say you're a poser and quit and leave gaia for ever!

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try this, send this comment to at least 10 people then press F5 and get 10,000G

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hey im not sure if u know me but u added me last year and my the way im a girl in real life lol well.... hi i have a dog its a sheltie and its the colour sable his cool his name is oscar his manly

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will u please add my friend chantell91 2 ur friend list

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Your back Smiley! I missed you.


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Thank Ya'll!