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Report | 06/15/2008 6:23 pm


On da real yo, you better not still be tryin to start stuff yo Real Talk just leave me alon yo just buzz off I'm not in the mood...
x-iDjKingsta-x's avatar

Report | 05/13/2008 1:29 pm


aight respect on theing u and dee can have yall lil drama to an extint but u know wat aint gonna happen is ur a** callin my boy the "N" word just cuz u on the computer and u think nobody can get to u since all this is is a website dont get carried away, cut out the bull s**t, first off teel ur boy toy he aint goona do nothin to me yall both gay so i dont see the point in u tryin to hoola at my boys girl we can all tell that yall two is gay, he's ur top friend, ur he's top friend last time i checked thats wat BF & GF do my only beef wit you is that u called him the "N" word all that other p***y-footing was just un called for as well but wat ur pretty much promoting shows that the world that there is still people that are so "ignorant" ( MEANING UN-EDUCATED ) that they are setting this world back into wat still suurounds us today THE LIL BEEF ENDS NOW THERE AINT NOTHIN MORE THAT HAS TO BE SAID END IT ITS NOTHIN NO ONE REALLY CARES I HATE THIS TYPE OF STUFF DEE HAD NO FAULT IN THIS THE ONLY THING THAT COULD'VE BEEN BETTER ON HIS HALF WOULD BE SWALLOWIN HIS PRIDE AND LETTIN IT SLIDE, BUT U HAD TO GO AND GET DIS-RESPECTFUL SO NOW U GOT ME AND ALL WHO BELIEVE ITS WRONG AS WELL IN IT STOP IT NOW!!!!!! THERES NO POINT IN THIS CONSTIT BULL s**t ******** IT MAN JUST LET IT GO LIKE REALLY ITS NOTHING BE A MAN AND FORGET IT THAT ALL I GOT TO SAY.
Kiid-Swagg's avatar

Report | 05/10/2008 11:23 am


lol... look who decided to come back from the jaws of defeat and humiliation.... why??? havent u had enough??? u lik a bad cold, u jus keep comin bakk... jus go away u wanna be gangsta... u faker than a 3 dollar bill...
Ya Boi Dee_BR's avatar

Report | 03/16/2008 6:47 am

Ya Boi Dee_BR

U know wut? After seein this s**t, u obviously not even worth my time. My boys got at u, my girlfriend got at u, and other girls got at u, and those are just the ones that know about the bullshit ur tryin to pull. So im done. Oh and IF U EVA TRY TO HOLLA AT MY GIRLFRIEND EVA AGAIN... ima leave it at that cuz im havin a good day and im not gonna let a p***y a**, not girl-gettin, meat jackin lil b***h ruin my day. Spita's gonna get the same deal, so tell him to squash it cuz... ill tell him myself

newjaycity's avatar

Report | 03/14/2008 6:00 pm


lol... it looks lik u hav more enemies than u do friends... all cuz u runnin ur mouth too much... u should've stopped when i said somethin to u... but now u done cashed a check ur nooby a** cant cash... lol loser...
rocstar122's avatar

Report | 03/11/2008 3:50 pm


A yo dog that aint even cool man u need to lay off, my boy aint online so he cant do nothin, ur wack man u wearin startin clothes, I bet u dem girls just added u cause they was sorry for u. That aint even my girl but anyone disrespectin a girl is gonna be a problem nah mean ,boy do get messed up kid u aint bout nothin youngin and u can come see me if u got a problem wit dat.
Kairi_Loves_Sora_4ever's avatar

Report | 03/11/2008 5:56 am


keep yo wannabe black a** away from me and most def. stay away from Dee if u don't wanna get hurt
xXKitten_LovexX's avatar

Report | 03/10/2008 9:14 pm


and keep yo gay a** off mah page... if u lay a finger on Dee yo a** is dead ya heard
Hinata_Hyuga_Fan92's avatar

Report | 03/10/2008 8:36 pm


back da ******** off i don't want u... ur just a piece of s**t who don't kno who u messin wit
newjaycity's avatar

Report | 02/29/2008 1:45 pm


idk who the fukk u are... or who u think u is... but u not gonna talk to my boy lik dat... lil fake a** gangsta... i dont giv a ******** who u or ur lil friend kno... i'd still knock both of yall out...

iEric-xx's avatar

Report | 02/25/2008 4:13 pm


yo fo real, i aint got beef wit u so calm urself down. And i wish u would try to end my life... but thats on some whole other s**t. Stay da ******** out his bidness and let him get wuts comin to him

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