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My name is Danielle, but you can call me Birdie.
I currently live in Oregon and I'm going to school for Art and Psychology. I'm 22 and taken by a wonderful person heart

The two things I'm passionate about, outside of my friends, are art and swimming. When I was in high school I competitively swam and I can safely say I'm obsessed with water. If I had the ability, I would live underwater. After high school I coached and instructed swimming but ran dry after. I'm hoping to get back into again soon because it makes me happy.

With art, I try to explore every medium but I'm not a huge fan of 3D or digital gonk I have had success with drawing, painting, sidewalk chalk, silkscreen, and fiber arts. Anyone that knows me, knows art is my life and soul and that I pour everything I am into what I do. I do accept commissions but I can't guarantee they will be done quickly because I have a lot going on in my life.

As a lot of you know, or from what my signature can tell you, I am currently struggling with severe Anxiety issues and other things that have also developed because of and along side of it. I am seeking help but during this period of time, I'm around the worst I've ever felt. My anxiety interferes so much in my life that I have not been able to do things that I love. I'm never afraid to talk about my anxiety so if you have any questions or are concerned about me from time to time, ask away.

On gaia, I spend most of my time on 10million pages. Gaia is a place that I use to escape every now and then and talk to/ make friends. So I'm always up for talking. Don't ever worry about feeling like you're bothering me because you're most likely not. But sometimes I'm an awkward potato and can't make very good conversation sweatdrop Be warned, I don't respond the fastest all the time because I am on and off my computer a lot and running around like a chicken with my head cut off. ahah rofl :


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Rayca Report | 09/20/2017 9:42 am
happy belated birthday, I hope you are doing well emotion_hug
Rayca Report | 05/11/2017 8:45 am
I Come With Knives Report | 12/07/2016 8:47 am
I Come With Knives
My birthday is so damn close. o.o
I Come With Knives Report | 11/28/2016 3:46 pm
I Come With Knives
I have this sexy af red dress somewhere around here I;m going to wear!! ;D
I Come With Knives Report | 11/27/2016 9:04 pm
I Come With Knives
LOL!! It is okay!! Well I was going to see the boyfriend when he's back from being deployed, but it looks like he'll be back on the 12th, so instead I'll go to the local police ball they are having this year. xDD
I Come With Knives Report | 11/27/2016 8:54 pm
I Come With Knives
That is quite alright!! ^_^
Oh no, mine is December 10th. Coming up soon~ O:
Rayca Report | 11/27/2016 1:18 am
If my friends didn't congratulate me on that day via mobile phone I might completely miss it. I mean, it is a day just as any other otherwise.
Rayca Report | 11/26/2016 2:31 pm
you have no idea how happy I am, that I am not the only one
Rayca Report | 11/26/2016 8:48 am
You know, I sometimes forget my own birthday sweatdrop Maybe knowing yours is one day before mine I'll remember from now on.
Rayca Report | 11/24/2016 2:14 pm
It is a good month to have once birthday wink and yay should make it easier to remember, right XP that is what I thought when I saw yours on your profile page.


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