Height: 5'4"
Weight: 110 lbs
Eye color: Red with grey pupils
Hair color and length: Grey, when angry shifts to red.
Arm length: 2'
Leg length: 3'
Waist: 29"
Tail length: 3'
Ear length: 7"
Claws: 3" (retractable)
Build: Slim

(see gaia profile for detailed info,for visual look at avi duh!)

The Story of 13 Ayakashi
(this is a work of fiction, based off of some actual lore this is not to be taken as fact.)

The story of 13 is one of strife, experiments, and the paranormal. The military of Japan, around the year 1990, began rounding up different kinds of demons from around Japan. They gathered demons, ghosts, yōkai, obake, yūrei. The military did not know that the fables and rumors of the Bakeneko’s were true. Neither did they know how to tell a Neko and a Bakeneko apart. The military for one believed that the rumors and lore came from different races of Neko, which they had created.

Before we begin:
A basic Neko is a demon created by science in the late eighties. Created in a secret facility where the scientists and their families stayed, a community which was self sufficient. The experiments were well kept from the public eye. A hybrid between humans and cats that was originally tried with an adult human and splicing cat DNA into the human DNA, the influence of the cats’ DNA became extremely pronounced. Mixing the two personalities did not work very well at first many of the first scientifically created Neko went insane at the first signs of catlike changes. It wasn’t until the Japanese grew them from cat egg and human sperm were the first coherent Neko’s born. These coherent Neko’s stayed and were the object of the Japanese’s curiosity for a time, until they revolted. The reason that the Neko is considered a demon is for what they did to the scientific community that housed them, it is said that the entire Neko race damned themselves to hell that day, that they are the devils play toys. This is not surprising as it is a part of their instinct, to hunt, and kill. They have only the one form, and only one tail, and can breed.

A Bakeneko, is a cat that split its’ tail in two, where as a Neko was a scientific creation that took on demonic properties when it became its own race. A Bakeneko has a second form that is closer to a cat than a Neko will ever come. A Bakeneko when enraged in battle will lose itself in its hunt. Some can control their change to a point, which creates a safety network for themselves in public places. When a Bakeneko changes they triple their size. Their build stays the same though the inner cat, the true demon shows through in its entirety. The body becomes covered in fur the hands change into paws. The skeletal system changes to that of a cat’s bone density, and slight changes in structure, that merely allow the skeletal system to be more flexible. Example; when running on all fours the human structure is disadvantaged; a Bakenekos’ skeletal structure is built to allow speedy movement upon all fours or on two legs. The two tails grow longer, a maw begins to form. The maw carries both human and cat influences. Wide like a humans, yet long and stout like a cat. If you are caught between the jaws of a Bakeneko you are most likely dead. The skeletal structure of the head changes as well, becoming more cat than human. Instincts change, are replaced with an insatiable bloodlust, and desire to hunt. Once a Bakeneko releases its demon it is nothing more than an animal. The Neko and the Bakeneko look identical except for the split tail.

Now let us begin :
13 was found as a kitten by a General of the Japanese military. This General kept the kitten, fed the kitten, looked after it, was never caught in public playing with the kitten. The General liked how rough the cat was, the little kitten was a downright demon. The General gave the kitten the name Ayakashi, the English translation being demon. The kitten grew, as did the General. The General was charged with a top secret assignment, stationed in a mountainous region and deep within the dark greens of the woods. The facility was built and hidden under the guise of a mental facility. Lower levels extended miles underground, and five floors above ground. The upper levels were mainly for show, a few offices and agents, break rooms, and the army that pretended to be the insane.
The project was deemed “Project Ayakashi.” The General named the experiment after the research, and his cat, which at this point held a place upon the Generals’ shoulder. The research focus of the facility was genetic experimentation, collection of specimens of lore, collection of spirits, collection of demonic beings and demonic beings of lore. Many of the creatures of lore were found. Though the military focused mainly on the demonic creatures of lore, they did find some uses for other creatures of lore. Such as the guardian fox spirit the Kitsune. Having not the ability to have guards around the perimeter of the facility, Kitsune were one of the first spirits to be sought and found by the military. This due to the fact that a Kitsune is a guardian spirit, once summoned they will protect whatever shrine is the closest. They can be tricked into believing a place is a shrine as long as a strong enough spiritual pull keeps them there. With as many spirits, demons, and lore creatures contained in the lower levels of the facility the Kitsune were easy to keep. They were plentiful, and they guarded endlessly. Kitsune eventually were simply drawn to the facility. The underground levels contained a few “arenas”. Place where the military would test and train the different types of creatures they had caught. The creatures that they were able to control, whether by means of force or domestication did not matter, were kept and tested against each other. The ones that would not assimilate had their spirits eaten by the Kitsune. The main objective of the facility was to find a replacement soldier for the Japanese people. A soldier, that could annihilate their enemies and save their men.
This went on for many years, the cat and the General stayed side by side. For twelve years Ayakashi and the General were never apart, and then while the General slept, upon his thirteenth birthday, his tail split in two. The now humanoid Ayakashi decided to go for an evening stroll. He did not understand the full extent of what had just happened, though he thought it to be a good thing. Now he could better serve his companion, be a better companion. Having been a reddish grey cat his hair was grey. Grey and red tattoos in spiraling tribal patterns covered his body from head to toe. The tattoos grow less in thickness around the face, thick around the legs, thickest in the chest region. His finger nails were slightly more elongated than humans. His ears are positioned at the top of his head, and shaped like those of a cats’. His tail had followed him, and had split in two, both grey. Otherwise he appeared like a young slender Japanese male, with strong feline and feminine features. His movements graceful like a cats’, limber and more agile than humans, and an impeccable sense of balance, no one had seen where he had come from or even how he had gotten in or past the Kitsune, and past the guards. No one questioned it though. A Neko with two tails, that had come into the facility upon its’ own accord. Ayakashi put up no struggle when they chained him. Chains that did nothing to a regular Neko, but to an actual demon seared yet left no marks. The chains were meant to contain the demon. Ayakashi was calm through all of this, he was sure it was a mistake. He said nothing to any of those who captured him. He didn’t see the General after this for a long time. Ayakashi was put into the arena and given a number. His original number had been 3,547. The way the arena worked was; when you beat an opponent you moved down in number. The last ten remaining were to lead in battle as Generals, it went down to grunt from there. Then the next stage, the next floor down, they began grouping and working on battle techniques. So on and so forth. Ayakashi never lost. He never changed either, he merely stayed calm. He would have willingly killed the experiments that he fought, the abominations that were once demons and humans. The unmodified demons begged him for it, and hated him for not. The rules prevented it though. To break the rules meant the chains for weeks. Ayakashi knew what he was now, he had talked with other demons. Demons, that were surprised to find a Bakeneko alive, thriving, and in a place like the arena. Some of the demons were very old, and knew much; yet getting the information was difficult. He could never understand much of what he got, when he got it, the old ones tended to be quite cryptic. He learned enough to know what he was and how he came to be. He had to see the General again. Ayakashi owed him his life. If it wasn’t for his companion he wouldn’t be here. By the end of the year Ayakashi was number 50
People began talking; about the Neko that was absolutely slaughtering the numbers, people began betting. Eventually the General took notice. Ayakashi was now at number 20. The General began coming to the matches. Normally he didn’t come to the matches when they had a Neko fighting; they always made him think of his Ayakashi, lost a year and a month to the date. The first match that the General attended, Ayakashi knew. He knew by the scent of his cologne, by the sound of his voice, by the scent of the fabric softener he used, though he did not know what actually made that scent. It was here, when he beat down his opponent with a single blow did he speak out. He spoke: “Companion!” Over the din of the arena the cry could not be heard. The guards dragged him away kicking and screaming his hair beginning to shade into red beginning at the roots. The tattoos that covered his body began pulsing with a soft light. All this went unnoticed by the guards, who dragged him along forcibly congratulating him on his one hit victory. The second match that the General attended he was number 15. He had asked about and found out what the man was called, he was closer this time. He shouted: “General!”
The General looked around, but didn’t think to look in the arena. He saw no one hailing him so he left. Ayakashi watched this, and understood. In his match to move to the number thirteen, he began losing. The opponent was huge, one of the “tanks” as the military called them. Some were intelligent, this one had won merely by brute strength. Chain marks covered this one’s flesh; the influence of man was also obvious. This beast was half created and half demon. Half mad, and completely insane. It filled half the arena. Ayakashi could only run, he was quicker than the brute. His running took him to the edge of the seating. He turned his head in time to see the General staring at him through the magiked glass that served as barrier for the spectators. The General recognized Ayakashi by the oddly colored eyes; red irises with grey pupils, and called his name: “Ayakashi..”
Ayakashis’ eyes widened and he put his hand to the glass where upon which it began to smoke and sizzle, the flesh burning. A smile formed upon the face of Ayakashi, before he was struck hard by a blow from the behemoth below. He fell on his right arm, his body impacting the ground with such force that it dented the arena floor. The color drained from him and a sickening crack sounded as his arm broke. The General stood and clutched his chest. He spoke something to a man standing beside him, who took off at once. The General fell into the chair, a pained expression upon his face, his left arm felt like someone was sticking pins into it. He closed his eyes in pain and clutched at his chest tighter. He was going to lose his Ayakashi again. He breathed deeply as his heart pounded against his rib cage as though trying to escape. Meanwhile the brute below moved to Ayakashi. Roughly picking him up and grasping him tightly in his left fist he brought Ayakashi up to eye level. The monstrosity began speaking, in slow dragging words which rumbled the walls, vibrated the floor.
“You wish to be thirteen? YOU cannot be thirteen, little fool Bakeneko.” The beast began to chuckle, a sickening sound that reminded one of octopus tentacles being stuck to wet flesh and then removed, over and over. The General watched on until he could no longer withstand the pain in his chest, he bent over double whispering, “Ayakashi, I’m sorry.” as he collapsed to the floor.
The left ear of Ayakashi twitched, his tattoos began to pulsate. The bone sticking out of his arm slid into place with a loud snap and began mending. The flesh around the injury healed. The tattoos covering him glowed with an eerie red his hair flowing into red, otherwise he stayed unconscious.
With the Generals last escaping breath, came his soul. The monster opened his gaping mouth and placed the unconscious Ayakashi in.
The eyes of Ayakashi flew open suddenly as the jaws of his opponent closed upon him. He knew what had happened; he felt the soul of his companion leaving this world. He lay on the tongue of the devil trying to eat him. A tear fell from the corner of his left eye; this tear hit a part of the tattoo work and turned to steam. The beasts tongue began moving Ayakashi toward the teeth that would kill him. Rage filled Ayakashi. Rage from all that had happened since he had turned. Men were yelling outside of the beasts’ mouth. They did not deserve to live. Ayakashi began to change in form. This abomination did not deserve to live. His mouth grew outward and his skeletal system began changing, the tattoos covering his body glow with a bright red. The researchers did not deserve to live. He began growing, fur sprouting all over his body in red, with the tribal print in grey acting as the markings on a cat. Everything grew larger, his hands, feet, arms, legs, head. He just kept getting bigger. His features closely resembled that of a bobcat now. When his change was finished he stood slowly, a vicious smile curled his dark lips which pulled back to reveal a maw full of dagger like teeth. The monsters tongue still moved him toward the sharp crushing, pounding molars. He barely fit in this mouth anymore, with maniacal glee Ayakashi took a side of the tongue in each hand, digging his large claws into the grey flesh. He pulled back with ripping the tongue from the mouth. As the cavernous mouth swiftly filled with blood the monster roared. Black blood spilled from the whole in the beasts face until the pool was gone and the tongue merely spit black blood like a leaky faucet. Ayakashi stood in the gaping mouth of the beast. The beast tried to get its oversized hand into its mouth in an attempt to remove the Bakeneko, but to no avail. Ayakashi, now drenched in thick black blood began taunting the beast.
“Yes, pitiful mutant, I do claim the number thirteen. I AM THIRTEEN! I claim all the numbers! There shall be none before I!” This said with his left hand he grasped the right canine and with his right the left. Yanking both free, he then rammed them up into the soft palette of the beast and into his brain. The behemoth collapsed with a loud thud as he hit the ground. Ayakashi had to rip through the right cheek to get out. The crowed was silent. Everything was silent. The men at the entrance of the arena stood there shaking as they watched the now black Ayakashi and his actions. Ayakashi smiled at them, one of them spoke up.
“Ayakashi? Um. The General said.”
“The General is dead.” The low raspy voice of Ayakashi interrupted. With a serrated grin he spoke. “As is everyone else down here, come to Thirteen; my darlings!”

Now let us end:
The reports of the facility end there, if one were to travel to the official “ground zero”, (which doesn’t officially exist), one would find the presence of some linger spirits. Otherwise, one finds merely a big hole in the ground. The wind patterns in this area are very strange, never seeming to blow in one direction for very long. Evidence of a large animal passing through are still apparent to this day. NO one is quite sure if any made it out of the facility alive. Though the prospects are not likely, some of the Kitsune most likely made it out.
The reports of Thirteen, as he is now called are as such:
He has lost an eye somewhere along the road, yet his senses are such that it seems not to affect him. It is said that he has control of the wind. He has found a fellow comrade from the facility that he has grown a bond with. He deemed her Sixteen, she is a Kitsune. He seems to be looking for other demons, and creatures of Japanese folklore. For what purpose we do not know. We only know that those he does allow close get a number and are referred to as “Ayakashi”. The numbers do not seem to be a determination of anything, possibly just sentiment.
Shou’Jin Xin 2007-2013
(No updates found for Ayakashi13 found after 2007, See Ayakashi16 for related information)
Member of “The Leekers: finders/ sharers of classified government files.”


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13's Weapons and Abilities

The Weapons and Abilities of 13 Ayakashi

This is a list of weapons and abilities. Some weapons 13 carries with him always. The abilities will be added to and updated.


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