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My name is:carsh
My Mama/papa is:11-black_roses-11!
Ever since 11-black_roses-11 adopted me i am emo


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My name is Isabella.i hate my name!!my bff's call me izzy or bella. im a emo bfffl's r nathalie, kacey, taylor, emily,connor, lexi,ryland,heather,shayla,mkenna,haley,anisah & ect fave sport is soccer.i like to write songs and poems.i also like 2 sit on the couch & watch tv & eat.LOLZ!!if watching t.v. and eating was a sport i would win.i LUV wow wow wubzy!music is my boyfriend and my life!i LUV 2 sing & play the guitar or piano.i luv reading vampire books.if its not a vampire book i'll kind of like it.I AM RANDOM AND A PERV!!
╔═╦══╦═╗ Put this on your
║╩╣║║║║║ page if you are emo
╚═╩╩╩╩═╝ or support emos xx
hating is easy,loving is hard
love dies fast,hate grows hard

█10 % *clumsy*
███ 20% *Laugh*
████ 30% *Cute*
█████ 40% * Smart/ friendly*
██████ 50% *flirty/sweet*
███████ 60% *Fashionable*
█████████ 70% *wierd/random*
██████████ 80% *Funny*
███████████ 90% *Beautiful*
█████████████ 100% ***Me***



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Gender: Female

Birthday: 07/13


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XxXEmo-chanXxX Report | 07/19/2010 6:30 pm
Omfg! I went to this stupid website.
music _forever_14 Report | 07/08/2010 10:25 am
music _forever_14
i like ur profile and the songs
chatterboxbaby9 Report | 06/07/2010 3:16 pm
XxXEmo-chanXxX Report | 04/14/2010 2:03 pm
I shall txt u,my mom is being b i t c h!! A huge b***h. Lolz
XxXEmo-chanXxX Report | 01/24/2010 8:29 am
Ya,it happens 2 me sometimes 2. But i give my computer a lil kick and it shows up. Lolz Jk jk.
Emo Insomnia Report | 01/23/2010 6:31 pm
Emo Insomnia
Omg where is dat sammich you stoleded from meee?! I still want it, even if you have to regurgitate it god dammit! Tee hees...i just saw a movie with Connor and Mady and Chelsea and Rebecca ((EW))
XxXEmo-chanXxX Report | 01/23/2010 9:47 am
I dont see the pics. Lolz
Sexy_Boi_Loves_Ya Report | 01/23/2010 7:05 am
Samee here
Sexy_Boi_Loves_Ya Report | 01/23/2010 6:44 am
Emo Insomnia Report | 01/16/2010 7:48 am
Emo Insomnia
Loooooook at meh skunkeyyyy! Heather Feather gave it to meh! I can even turn into a skunk! I luvv dis!


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my big book of random!!!

as the title states this journal will just be filled with tons of random s**t!!!

Azrael Angel of Death 123
Emo Insomnia

90% of ppl will yell "dont jump!" if miley cyrus was on top of a building.10% of ppl will yell "jump b***h!".if ur 1 of the 1% of the ppl (like me) that would run 2 the top of the building & push her off ur self,add this 2 ur profile.

a broken heart comes with a million years supply of tears

lalalala lalalala EMO'S WORLD SUCKA!!!


i will break into ur thoughts.with wats written on my heart.i will break!break!im so sick,infected with where i live.let me live without this empty bliss,selfishness! im so sick!im so sick!if u want more of this we can push out,sell out,die you'll shut up!and stay sleepingwith my screaming in ur itching ears. im so sick infected with where i live!let me live without this empty bliss,selfishness. im so sick! im so sick!hear it! im screaming it!ur heeding to it now.hear it!im screaming it!u tremble at this sound.u sink into my clothes.this invasion makes me feel worhtless,hopel-ess,sick. im so sick,infected with where i live!let me live without this empty bliss,selfishness. im so sick!im so sick,infected with where i live!let me live without this empty bliss,selfishness. im so(im so)!im so sick(im so sick)!im so(im so)!im so sick(im so sick)!

the tears tht fall from these eyes,hit the floor,its no surprise.they turn red,with the blood i cry.from a distance u hear my screams,my cries of pain,im hurting me.u ask wats wrong and the tears start to pour out strong. i whisper slowly tht i hate me,u come closer wen i backs to u so u cant c,me holding a bloody knife and a gun to end my life.i say "get me out of my misery" hand u the gun and then u wer done.u walked away hiding the pain,the sorrow,the hurt,the evrything

me and my friends i kno in real life


poems by ME!

My eyes too dry to shead another tear. My heart too weak, may not survive the year. My lungs, too weak to get air. My mind, too clouded to really care His face is all I see Nothing left for me to hold onto. But memories that he claims will fade too. Yet he knows me better than that He's nothing I could ever forget Never will I move on Now that he is really gone My life has come to a hault He claims its not my fault He left me here alone Alone forever For I will never love another. He doesn't see what he has done to me Claimed he loved me just to leave me Life is nothing without him near Losing him was what I use to fear Here comes my worst nightmare Never to see his tawny eyes Never to hold me when I cry Never to protect me Now that he has left me Life is over Atleast for me.

she lives in a fairytale.some wher 2 far 4 us 2 find. 4gotten the taste and smell of the world tht she's left bhind.its all about the exposure the lens i told her.the angles r all wrong now she's rippin wings off of butterflies.keep ur feet on the ground.wen ur heads in the clouds.well go get ur shovel and we'll dig a deep hole.2 bury the castle,bury the castle.go get ur shovel and we'll dig a deep hole.2 bury the castle,bury the da ba ba da ba ba 1 day he found her crying.coiled up on the dirty ground.her prince finally came 2 save her.and the rest u can figure out.but it was a trick and the clock struck 12.well make sure u build ur house brick by boring brick or the wolves gonna blow it down. keep your feet on the ground.when your head's in the clouds.Well go get your shovel and we'll dig a deep hole.To bury the castle, bury the castle.Well you built up a world of magic.Because your real life is tragic.Yeah you built up a world of magic.If it's not real,You can't hold it in your hand,You can't feel it with your heart. And I won't believe it.But if it's true,You can see it with your eyes,Or even in the dark.And that's where I want to be, yeah.Go get your shovel.We'll dig a deep hole.To bury the castle, bury the da ba ba da da ba da,ba da ba ba da da ba da ba ba da ba ba da, ba da ba ba da ba ba da.

i mades u's a sammich,buts i's eated its.

if i die,rite in front of ur eyes. would the tears well up and u start to cry? if i die,rite in front of ur eyes. would u wanna die? as i watch, with the dead, u lay and cry in ur bed. if i die, rite in front of ur eyes. would u laff walk away, while i cry and scream in pain? would ur hands b the 1 to blame? would u kill me? or would u love me, never letting go, never regretting evry waking hour with me?so will u never ever let go?or would u wanna hurt me and love tht ho?