I love to draw and I have the intention of becoming a concept artist in the future. I am currently in college working towards graduating with a Graphic Design degree. I also enjoy playing video games and writing.


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Welcome to my life.

Mental Illness, stressful schedules and a girl that just wants to follow her dreams. What will become of her.



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Report | 02/20/2018 10:20 am


Not bad, not bad.
Work, I see. Well that's also a good way to pass time.
For me, I had class then home and rest sweatdrop

Report | 02/13/2018 10:32 pm


Hey Cici, hope the days are going well for you.
Happy Valentines Day! May your day be a pleasant day! wink

Report | 01/02/2018 11:24 am


aww, must have been cold.

Report | 12/29/2017 4:21 pm


I realized its late but Merry Xmas to you smile
I saw you made some changes with your avi so I did the same! xD
I guess what I should really say is HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! heart heart heart

Report | 12/10/2017 10:24 pm


Now that's wonderful! biggrin
Am reading and reading and reading manga, preparing to continue on their web novel version soon! mrgreen

Report | 12/10/2017 9:29 am


Aww... how about start doodling for fun again, like doodle your avi once more, who knows that the slump ur in (or was in) could just be from overthinking smile

Report | 12/08/2017 5:59 pm


No, not her. Ah, okay, looks like she does exist and she won't make an entrance until the 11th volume.
Atlas is a blind girl, descendant of white tiger race, mixed blood with human, and 10 years old.

As for Naofumi, I don't think you should worry about him. That sort of matter is a ticking time bomb.

So... I decided to compare some things. Apparently, the manga, web novel and the actual novel follows the same course of plot.
Except that the web novel has more detail than the manga, and the actual novel is most likely more in depth than the web novel.
There were some additional chapters that exist within the actual novel that didn't in the web novel. (there is a wiki for the actual novel showing chapter titles)

Ah wait... what the...
Questions! I couldn't help but notice that the Hengen Muso Style appearing in volume 6, so does that mean Naofumi has already defeated the giant tortoise?
When he defeated it, was he still in Cal Mira or not?

From the web novel, he defeated the giant tortoise before hearing about the Hengen Muso Style, and the actual novel is reverse.
So, basically, plots seems to be shifted around, there might be more, and it could be confusing if you read different plots after another from the actual.

Meanwhile, how about checking out this novel: https://rebirthonlineworld.com/to-deprive-a-deprived-person/

Report | 12/07/2017 6:39 pm


Ahhh! I see! Then again, your right! Within the latest manga chapter a character appeared and that didn't occur in the web novel!
I see... how is the original book version? I haven't read it yet but am intrigued how differently the outcome is! biggrin

Also, if they are really different, then i guess the web novel is the spin-off version, why don't you try giving that a try?
By the way, who is your favorite characters from the novel?
Mine's Atlas (not really sure if she has the same personality or not from the original version), but she is just adorable, from the web novel, she is very persistent, resilient, loyal, tough, forgiving and subjected only to Naofumi's side (like crawling into his bed to sleep with him except that Naofumi kept his distance, hahaha). Sorry, talk2hand , not trying to be a lolicon but just love her and Naofumi's character development, where they get strong together (as training partners, about how to improve skill mastery).

Report | 12/07/2017 7:21 am


Volume 9? ehh..EHHH???
Wasn't it completed...? Oh wait, I was reading off of the web novel one. lol
Hold on... okay, found it: https://yoraikun.wordpress.com/tny-chapters/
This was the site I was reading off of, not sure if it's the same or not but its still great in my opinion. biggrin

Report | 12/06/2017 8:48 pm


Hey Cici, how are you doing? Have you really stumbled into a slump? Well if you have, a change of pace is always a good way to change the mood.
hmm... its been a while since we chat, so let's see, I remember you were reading the Shield Hero novel, how far are you now? biggrin


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