Hello there people from this tainted world. I don't feel like saying much about me so if you don't know me oh well, who the hell really cares? Now lemme listen to music.

Current Favorite Anime: Sword Art Online

Current Favorite Manga: Bleach

Current Favorite Band: D'espairsRay

Current Favorite Album: The Black Diamonds (Sadie)

Current Favorite Song: Rinkaku (Dir En Grey)

Favorite Vocalist: Hizumi (D'espairsRay)

Favorite Guitarist: Karyu (D'espairsRay)

Favorite Bassist: Toshiya (Dir En Grey)

Favorite Drummer: Shinya (Dir En Grey)

Favorite Lyrics (Partial):


Follow to the DeathGod
Give me your suffering and sorrow voice
All this bitching, and be moaning
munashisa ga kakikiesareteiku kai?
Give me your hatred and essence
All this bitching, and be moaning
"aa... sabite tokeru downwards"

Favorite quote:
"Those days I spent with you... they were the only good days I've ever known. "
-Lucy-Elfen Lied
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eek Sorry I didn't check my account sooner I've been busy this semester but it will be done Thursday. I've missed you so much. hopefully someday soon we can both be on and chat and catch up since it's been awhile 3nodding
Shadow Gear X

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Shadow Gear X

Now you can play with me and Sean!

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Psh. In the wise words of Zero: Please continue to give D'espairsRay your best regards.
Certainly, please come to our lives, rape us and then go home.
I don't think they mind. Besides, if they didn't want to be molested they wouldn't have went so close to the edge of the stage, right? Speaking of molesting their instruments, ZERO WAS WHORING OUT TRICKSY MOST OF THE NIGHT AND I JUST MISSED TOUCHING IT. FFFFFFFFFFFF--! >:O

From what I've read from live reports from all over the world, they played Infection at all the lives. And according to everyone in the US, it was 50/50 for the most part, and no one heard Final Call played. Only the B-sides. I like Final Call now too, but it won't be a favourite song of mine anytime soon.
I keep thinking I heard Kamikaze live, but then I hear people say it wasn't and it was something else. So no one knows except for the people who got the actual setlist from the band. I do know Europe got Marry of the Blood. (And a lot of their older stuff. Lucky bastards.)
I was so happy to have Reddish as a encore song. I was going to cry if I didn't get to hear Reddish live. I adore that song so much-- hearing it live would have made me happy. And it did. So now, all I need to hear is Fascism live. |D
YOU GOT BULLET OMG I WISH THEY PLAYED THAT. I love Bullet. D: And you got the shirtless Hizumi too! I swear, Toronto was the only place he did not take his shirt off, asdfghjkl. I'm not complaining though, I loved the concert-- I have wonderful memories/sexual fantasies from it.
Especially Tsukasa, h'omg. I didn't see much, but another person said he was flirting with the audience, wagging his tongue, blowing air kisses, making the "bring it on" gesture... Gah. I knew he was my favourite member for a reason. o//w//o

I had the opportunity to follow them around but I was really strapped for cash. So I chose to go to Toronto because it was the most familiar to me. Next time they do a US tour, I'ma follow them as far as I can go/afford. >:O

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Coll:set was an amazing album- it was the breakthrough that D'espa needed. Really, the only track that I didn't like was Grudge.
I'll never understand why she doesn't like the album, but she tends to be more fond of the light, poppy stuff. (Blech. Dx< )

H'OMG, THAT'S AWESOME. I'm sure Karyu enjoyed it~
I got near Zero, but I had to work my way up front to get to him. I managed to feel up his leg a bit but nothing more. D|
I'll never forget that show.

Here's our setlist. Although no one remembers the 8th song they played, and there was no third encore song. What was your setlist like? :O

By the way, I apologize for the lateness of the reply. 8C

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You're Right! But alot of the New music these Days Kind of Pisses Me Off.
Especially The Ones With Gay Names, And Stupid scene Looking Guys that Seriously (And I Mean SERIOUSLY) Look Like Chicks!

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It depends on the listener in question, since everyone's tastes are a little different. I know someone in real life who thinks Coll:set is the worst album they've released. But yeah, Karyu wrote it on D'espairsRay official blog~ They are all very confident Hizumi will return. So hearing that Karyu is going to be writing new material is very comforting.
I would love an acoustic version of R.E.M-Fuyu no Genchou-. Maybe Tsukasa will be working on acoustic versions of some songs during the break too! 8D

I did catch them on the Human-clad Monsters tour! I saw them in Toronto~ It was so badass! I'm still in withdrawal from it.
Did you see them? :O

I do like Exist Trace, it's just hard for me to listen to them for extended periods of time. sweatdrop I like Lady Gaga too, but she's really overplayed. So listening to her for more than 10 minutes makes me insane and crave the rhythms and drums and guitars and SCREAMING I so truly love.

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Sometime Randomly Over The Course Of This Week, I fell In Serious Love With Within Temptation xD

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I Was Raised In The UK ^_^
But That Was A While Ago, I Don't Really Remember Anything xDD
I Shall Youtube Them up 8D

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cool avi


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