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>>Name: Chelsie<<
<<Mood: Happy>>
>>Currently: Doing Something<<

Hey people, it's me again.
Okay so you wanna know about me? If you're reading this then you do. So, here it is. I like:
Dancing in the pouring rain.
Roleplaying until my brains go gooey.
Remembering the 90's, the best days on earth.
Taking weird pictures.
The Color Green.
Hanging out with Brad, Kara, Amber, Morgan, Rachel, Chuck Norris(John), Char, and everyone in marching band.
And listening to my iPod.

You'll learn that I don't like this crap:
People who are ignoramises(I dunno if that's a word).
Forgetting stuff I should remember.
Meat, though I still eat it.
Promises being broken.
Missing people.
Feeling unwanted.
And fear.

On My On-The-Go List is just a few of my faves:
Green Day Wrote These Songs on it:
Boulevard of Broken Dreams&& Wake Me Up When September Ends&& HomeComing((All Above From American Idiot))&&Working Class Hero&& Poprocks and Coke&& Welcome to Paradise&& Good Riddance(Time of Your Life)&& Redundant&& Minority

Some of these just have two songs by them:
All-American Rejects- Stab My Back&& It Ends Tonight
Daughtry- Crashed&&What I Want(Feat. Slash)
Fall Out Boy- I'm Like A Lawyer With The Way I'm Always Trying to Get You Off(Me&You)&& Hum Hallelujah&& Thanks For The Memories&& The Carpal Tunnel of Love
Lonestar- Let Them Be Little&& Women Rule The World
Nickleback- Photograph&& Animals
Benny Goodman- Get Happy
Hellogoodbye- Here(In Your Arms)
Weird Al- White'N'Nerdy
The Academy is...- The Phrase That Pays
Hinder- Lips of An Angel
Linkin Park- The Little Things Give You Away&& Valentine's Day
^Those Two Are My Most Recent Faves^

::Here's Some Pics for Your Amusement::
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^I Blow Kisses^

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^Mirror Pix^

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^You got blown another Kiss^

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^Yay to pep tunes^

Call me a marching band geek if you want but I'm damn proud to be that! If it was any easier it'd be called football. Psh Wimps.

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Going for that aviator look.

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Report | 10/19/2007 4:09 am


haha ya know, you're good for gold if i comment you???

Report | 10/15/2007 4:19 am


mk. i just wanted to say hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Report | 10/01/2007 8:50 pm


Well, I <3 you too. Lol nonsexually of course!
mOuTh ShUt

Report | 09/12/2007 2:50 am

mOuTh ShUt

Cute pro :3

Report | 09/09/2007 12:31 am


oh me gee. i love your new avi. well, yeah i dont know how taylor is or what not. but ill hopefully talk to him tomorrow. joshie says im acting different because he thinks im hiding something from everyone.... i dont know what he means, and i dont care. well, its 3:30 am on sunday morning, so im going to bed. love ya like a sis.

Report | 08/19/2007 3:54 pm


grr i hate you. you have been more lucky then me. im over Cody though so there isn't a problem there anymore. but i will be out at Keystone until Sept.3rd. i'll still be going to school even when i am there. well talk to you later.

Report | 07/30/2007 12:24 pm


Yeah how about i haven't looked at my music all summer and i am screwed when band camp starts.

Report | 07/22/2007 5:30 pm


awww. your profile is so cute. thank you for the comment. i have a huge problem. i think i have falling in love with another Italian...and it isn't TJ..... I don't know if he was an intern at Keystone when you were camping, but his name is Cody. i can tell that he has a crush on me too because of the way he acts when i am around him. i mean, everytime he speaks when i'm around him, he blushes and stutters. yesterday when we were making crafts at a program, he kept looking down my shirt, then when i bent over to help JD color he was looking at my butt User Image.... when i dropped the stapler on the floor he went oh geez and when i looked back up at him we locked eyes for the longest time. i think that i have found someone that i could love, and know that if i wanted to see them, it wouldn't be much of a hassle to see them.... anyhow, i will be out at Keystone all week, but if you want to call me either call 724-216-3998 during the days, or 724-309-6195 after 9 pm....well i will talk to you later. tell Chris good luck for me and tell him to stay out of trouble. muahs love you like a sister

Report | 07/18/2007 11:54 am


Oh my. I feel so sad right now. I don't want TJ to leave yet. I told him that he hasss to call me tonight so we can talk about him and the Marines

Report | 07/17/2007 2:04 pm


Of course I'm helping Edmund. If it didn't look gay with my avi, I would be wearing a brooch right now.....I need to tektek a new avi


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I Live to March.
I Live to Make Music.
I Live to be Creative Where Others Can Not.