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You know youre HMONG if......

1.When you walk in the door, there are shoes piled up

2.You can tell the difference between long-grain and short-grain rice.

3.When your mom or dad speaks, it sounds like their always yellling at someone

4.If you were to forget how to speak HMONG, you will always remember how to say: Kuv Hlub Koj [I love you]

5.You still listen to sappy Hmong songs no matter what your age

6.You have many relatives who mention and tells story about the Vietnam War (And are still furious about it to this day)

7. You know an Elder Auntie and Grandma who loves to gossip

8.You know an Elder Uncle or Grandpa who loves to raise fighting chicken for entertainment

9.You have a Grandparent or Parent who always spends their cash every weekend at the casino

10.[Girls] When you go to the New Year, your really there for the papaya salad, sticky rice, sausage and chicken.

11.[Guys] Every girl you meet at the New Year seems to be getting younger and younger

12.There is a power outage, you will outlive ALL of your American neighbors with the year supply of food your Mom is growing in the backyard

13.You have an Cousin, Uncle or Grandpa who is considering marrying/ or is married to a poor girl from Laos/ Thailand

14.For no reason, you have unprecedented HMONG PRIDE! haha. . .

15.Your Mom, Auntie, or Grandma grows her medicine in the front, side, and backyard.

16.Your family owns at least one Toyota or Honda

17.Everyother one of your friends is trying to save money to suite-up their Honda Civic Hatchback

18."Nyob Zoo" really means, "Whats up "

19.You take offense when people call you Chinese

20.Your parents think another white or black person is trying to steal their money when they deposit it at the bank

21.You will travel great distances to attend New Years just to drink and party with even more Hmong people

22. When you parents are always hating on Black people!

23.[Guys] At least one of your girlfriends "REAL HMONG" name started or ended with Mai or Pa

24.When you use to called all sorts of "Pesi"

25.You've read this far....

26.Your translation for every ritual your family does is: "the jingle bells"

27.Whether you go to church or not, you still believe in ghosts and evil spirits

28.You know someone who got married at 14,15,16, or 17

29.When someone asks you about being "Hmong"-- you feel like youre being interviewed

30.You grew up in or around California, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North Carolina

31.If you've got cousins living in 2 out of the 3 places in number 30.

32.You represent your last name like there is no tomorrow

33.You can't eat one meal without Mom's homegrown peppers in the backyard with fish sauce

34.Rice and Water is considered a delicacy

35.You miss eating rice after going without it for a while [For example: College]

36.A friend of your has car mufflers that are louder than their music... HmoooonnnNNnnnGgggGGg all the way down the street... haha

37.You remember when KLS, Whyte Shadow, and Paradise songs were the shiiitttt! ESPECIALLY KLS.

38.At least one of your brothers or cousin play soccer

39.Graduating from High School was a BIG deal

40.You cant get enough of Pho

41.You listen to Chinese and Korean songs, even though you dont understand it

42.During big family gatherings, you dont open the can of soda all the way for your younger cousins or siblings....you just click it so they can just sip on the can (so it wont spill).

43.You remember your parents sending money to their sibilngs in Laos and/or Thailand even though your family barely had any food.

44.Friday is PAYCHECK day and you get money from your parents for doing household chores.

45.Taking turn doing the dishes or other household chores since you were young.

46. You have used, or have heard someone use the pick up line, "Koj niam thiab koj txiv noj dab tsi es yug tau koj zoo nkauj ua luaj?" [English Translation: What have your mother and father eated to make you so beautiful?] -lol

47. Your mom grow opiums in her garden instead of flowers.

48. For big family gatherings, little kids sit on a piece of newspaper in the living room rather than at the table.

49. You go to school with rice on your shirt.

50. Your Garage is not for cars, but for cooking.

51. Home Made knives set from Thailand or Laos.

52. You have tin foil sitting on top of your stove.

53. You buy rice in bags of 50 or 100 pounds.

54. You have a freezer full of fish, pork, beef and freshly killed chickens.

55. Your family could basically eat a whole animal.

56. When you've been bad you get hit in the head with the "knuckles"...

57. Most of you and your cousins will eat peper with virtually anything.

58. You have lots of pictures hanging on your living room wall.

59. You have beds in the basement.

60. You have so many cousins you can't keep track of them.

61. You/your parents owns a propane cooker in the garage.

62. You know what a hmong knife is...

63. You have colored hair and you are automatically a gangster.

64. You try to be something you are not (EX. korean)

65. You watch hmong dubbed korean, thai, chinese, hindi movies/dramas.

66. You call everyone an FOB, even though you are one yourself.

66. You drink three days..two nites at a wedding.

67. You promise to kill and animal to heal someone.

68. Your parents say that you came to this country to get an education.

69. You crave "laj"

70. You watch those corny but cool Hmong Action Movies.

71. You have seen atleast one Hmong dubbed Kamen Rider episode/movie.

72. You crave tapioca in a cup with ice.

73. There are large amounts of watermelons at your family picnics.

74. Eating out was a big deal.

75. A $3,000 car was too expensive.

76. A bride is $5,000 and up.

77. You have eaten boiled chicken, sticky rice

78. The coolest and biggest fish you have ever caught was a carp

79. You don't use the front door.

80. You run on "Hmong Time"

81. You know you're Hmong if you joined this group.

82. You can recognize another Hmong person

83. The mini-van is overstuffed with one too many people

84. You or someone you know takes a gazillion of those studio wallet pictures

85. Your mother owns a lot of those flower decorated dinner plates.

86. Your family goes to a buffet and your mom lies that you're only 10 when you're really 14.

87. When you're mom pokes your fingers, toes, head, and neck with a needle, and tells you you'll be cured now from your illness.

88. Your parents compare who has the worst kids.

89. You can kill a chicken by yourself.

90. You put out a bowl of fruits with steak knifes on the table infront of the sofa for your relatives and guests when they come over.

If you have anything else please feel free to message me. It's not easy growing up Hmoob. Many of our fellow Hmong people can't speak or write Hmong anymore. It's actually up to OUR generation to spread the news, and educate. If our generation forgets the traditional Hmong ways of life, what is left for our children? Us Hmong are very easy going, and love to have fun. Thank you for reading this, and please join!!


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im awesome i always have a crew of frends at school. my fav color is blue. i like to talk in gaia and yea so on


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