The chilly October breeze crept into the dark room, reticence embracing Yuyu as he casually lit his cigarette. Yuyu usually enjoyed a smoke on his sofa after he returned home from work. Lights out, door locked shut, and the only window in the room lazily dangling towards the dusky atmosphere of the urban jungle that had never really become familiar to him.

It seemed a bit different today, though.

Maybe it was because he had forgotten to lock the door -- a fault he noticed as he groped in the dark for his pack of Hopes.
Maybe it was how his wandering fingers (who would be quit irritant at this point were they animated any more than they were) stiffened as they -- if they were alive -- realized that the drowsy individual to whom they had always belonged wasn't even lighting a cigarette in the first place.
Maybe it was how, as Yuyu got up in annoyance, reddened in mixed fury and embarrassment while greeting the master of the house:

"O-Oh. Welcome back... I-I'm really sorry... I thought this was, well...," Yuyu fumbled in between awkward chuckles.

Hastily stumbling outside of the house, Yuyu shut the creaky wooden door behind him and sighed a sigh of deep despair.
What a tormented soul.

He swiftly turned about before realizing the futility of his decision just to confirm the room number.

"That was really stupid of me, huh.."

And with a quick pivot driven by sheer humiliation (and a bit of obfuscating
frustration), he walked briskly down the stairs.
It always was convenient to have the stairs right outside his room like that.




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