Hi! It's Erika Here and if you don't like me or don't have anything nice to say, GET OFF MY PAGE! But if you are coming here to talk to to me, add me, buy something, or just to hang out message me! I don't not cyber-date so don't even try! I like any music and i'll put a playlist on here soon. biggrin

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Sifen Yamishi

Report | 09/10/2010 2:33 pm

Sifen Yamishi

>w< I love the Adam Lambert song on your profile. biggrin
x__Just Lose It

Report | 06/20/2010 9:42 am

x__Just Lose It

they pushed her"

Carmen Winstead

was pushed

down a sewer opening

by 5 girls in her school,

trying to

embarrass her

in front of

her school

during a fire drill.

When she didn't submerge

the police were called.

They went down

and brought up

17 year old

Carmen Winstead's


her neck broken from

hitting the ladder,

and then the

side concrete at the bottom.

The girls told everyone she fell...

They believed them.


2 months ago,

16 year old

David Gregory

didn't repost it.

When he went to

take a shower he heard


from his shower,

he started freaking out

and ran to his computer

to repost it.

He said goodnight

to his mom

and went to sleep.

5 hours later

his mom woke up

in the middle of the night

cause of a loud noise.

and his face skin peeled off.

Even google her name- you'll find this to be true

If you don't repost this saying

"they pushed her"

Then Carmen will get you,

either from a sewer, the toilet, the shower,

or when you go to sleep you'll wake up in the sewer,

in the dark, then Carmen will come for you

send this to 10 people no send backs by midnight tonight or cameron will come for you

David was gone.

That morning

a few hours later

the police found him in the


his neck broken

im soo sorry about this!!read this post and re post i

Report | 12/11/2009 3:21 pm


Trade Alruna's Rose for a Cozy Holiday Bundle? If u want more, I'll see what I can do. :3 Plz respond...
x__Just Lose It

Report | 11/25/2009 5:53 pm

x__Just Lose It

lol your welcome
x__Just Lose It

Report | 11/25/2009 5:36 pm

x__Just Lose It

i love your avi!!! it is so pretty biggrin in a dark way lol

Report | 11/21/2009 8:23 pm


Welcome back to Gaia.

Report | 07/16/2009 3:02 pm


x sel bell x

Report | 06/03/2009 10:48 am

x sel bell x

oh ok
x sel bell x

Report | 06/03/2009 10:46 am

x sel bell x

i started skool on september 9th
x sel bell x

Report | 06/03/2009 10:44 am

x sel bell x

but skool for me did not end yet
i end skool on june 16th


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