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Gender: Female

Location: Kingdom of Hearts, Ca

Occupation: Pet Stylist


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~*~ Once Upon a Time ~*~

Cunts Bleeding Disa♥ster Written Poetry

My name is Tabby
I am a Female. Genderfluid.
She/Her. They/Them.
I am 33 Years Old.
I am Pansexual.
I am a Pagan.
Happily Ever After, Married.
One Beautiful Child.
I have Cats.
I was born Year of The Dragon.
I am a Gemini/Cancer Cusp.
I am a Professional Pet Stylist.

~*In A World All My Own*~

I live in Wonderland, California, USA.
I live at Disneyland, Ca.
I speak English, Parseltongue, and Dothraki.
I am a Gynoid Felinae.
I am Left-Handed.
My Therian: Leopardus Pardalis.
I am an honorable Ravenclaw sorted into Slytherin House.
I am an Inmate of the Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls.
I have 12 Tattoos.
I've had 6 piercings.
I love Ballet, Gymnastics, Theatre Arts.

~*What Dreams are made of*~

I am a Pokemon Trainer.
I am The First Order.
I am an Avenger.
I am a Sailor Scout.
I am a Magical Girl.
I am an Alchemist.
I am The Alice.
I am a Demigod.
I am a Royal Moroi.
I am a Witch. (Slytherin).
I am a Targaryen.
I am the Walking Dead.
I am a Queen.
I am an introverted Theatre kid.

~*The Beginning of the End*~

I watch Disney films.
I watch Broadway & Film Musicals.
I watch Anime.
I watch Horror films.
I watch Korean Horror films.
I watch Japanese Horror films.
I watch 90's Animation films.
I read Book Series of 4 or more books.
I read Manga.
I read Fanfiction.
I read John Green.


You Will Be Found / Tonight

~*The Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls*~

Case #620

-Inmate I.D. // W29N
-Asylum Army // AA-286
-EA Inmate # // E166A