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Subnormality!!! "So hooray for the apocalypse" or something haha
Twin-Clutch Lancer Evo X

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Twin-Clutch Lancer Evo X

For some reason, my community college has cadavers for biology classes. I thought that was normal. confused
Twin-Clutch Lancer Evo X

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Twin-Clutch Lancer Evo X

I hate biology class. I have to do cadavers and I always joke about needing smelling salt. Oh, why is biology sOo cruel to me?
Doctor Wolfington MD

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Doctor Wolfington MD

I love your signature keep fighting the good fight my man.

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Hi again, I hope you're doing well.
I have some more questions if that's okay? sweatdrop

Why are people advocating the singularity when it's unclear what will happen afterward or what can become of it?
This question is completely random and I just thought I try asking you, can a theist be a secular humanist?

I'm sorry if I'm annoying you. xd

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To be honest, when I first heard you were a scientist or worked as something similar I was really wowed
and thought there most be so much math involved. XD

Understood. If anything I think in this economy they may actually be restricting budget, making it harder to even compete for such jobs and budgets.
You would think if there were a group of people proposing transhumism for whatever reason they be more open in funding it.
Kind of related I think, I've been thinking of attending an H+ gathering to gain more general information.

Anyway, I imagine you and you're institution are really dedicated and hard working.
Sounds exciting, too.

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By the way, I meant to reply to your comment, but I suck when it comes to such things.
Anyway, lol, I hope you don't think I'm a nutbar based on the reply I made to you in that thread.
I'm just so interested in that stuff, kind of like Matthew Bellamy. XD
Star x Apple~

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Star x Apple~

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Thanks for the information. I hope it doesn't sound too lame and cliche' just sometimes it worries me and other times I look forward of saying goodbye to aging.
Getting personal, I'm more afraid of aging than dying. gonk

The document was very helpful, even explained what poshumanism is and opened the possibility for some to be for transhumanism, but against AI.
I heard that the Amish have started using genetic screening to determine who is healthy and other things similar.
Even with these advancements will there still be research for (Lack of a better word) "natural" cures for things like cancer?

I'm glad that transhumanism sounds very humane and beneficial for everyone.
I'm personally also looking forward to a "lap" top that fits into my pocket.

Scientists/Med student, uh? Are you personally hoping to find methods of contributing to the general movement?

You know, I can't remember the person in that video, but he really offended me. Like, people aren't cows and shouldn't be seen as cows.
The video might of got to your professor as well and caused an ignorant fear of transhumanism for him.
I won't lie, though, I'm guilty of once being bigoted against the movement and I apologize.


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I hope you don't mind me randomly asking you questions that may have already been brought to your attention about singularity.
I'm just really curious, generally not too knowledgeable about it and most importantly concerned about what will happen to human rights.

I'm curious to what most singularists may think about human and transhuman societies, if they could peacefully coexist, but what do you as an individual think?
What are the actual differences between terms such as Transhumanism, Singularity, etc and why are they used commonly in a fashion meaning the same thing?
And finally, I'm aware asking the question "what will happen" is a bit jaded because no one really knows, but what do these movements generally predict and advocate for those not interested in completely merging with this technology or life style? Example being will people be denied health care because they're human and or because they're not human?

I personally remember watching a video where it was stated that this could bring about the greatest wars ever seen and that people actually talking will be like a cow constantly Mooing to those communicating with their minds.

Anyway, I apologize if you're really not interested in explaining this stuff or generally see it as a waste of time.



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