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Biography: Joined S.T.A.R.S after graduating from college at the age 18. She has a brillant mind, especially when it comes to science and although reserved and unsure of her abilities at times, shes mostly able to keep a cool head. She's thrust into the T-Virus disaster on her first mission and is understandably rattled. She comes across Billy Coen who is a convicted murder she does her best to act authoritavie and takes control of the situation but obviously a bit intimidated as well as annoyed at his dismissal of her status.

Rebecca is wary of the man but agrees to team up with him to figure out what's going on and try to survive. Throughout the events of the night, she needs help on various occasions but also learns to have more confidence in herself and her abilities. After learning of Billy's innoncence and a bond between them being made, Rebecca lets him go, hoping that he reaches freedom. Afterwards, she writes a report saying he was killed so that no one will search for him.

At age 23 Rebecca sets out to search for Billy to see if he was sage but she wad vaptured by Wesker who injected her with the veronica vires. Finding that Rebecca was able to fuse with it without mutating he tried using her as a weapon until she fought back. Wesker and her battled and Rebecca won as she seriously injured him. Rebecca was injured but soon recovered and went back to work still not giving up the search for Billy.



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