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well theres nothing much to say about me!!~! ._.;;
I love games!!~! and my fav game is Final Fantasy X-2 lol~
i know its weird!~! x3
but Yuna looks soo good and besides i really liked the story!!~!i mean Yuna gets back Tidus and they're all happy and everything!!~!it has a great happy ending!!~! xD
I also like all the FF games cuz they're soo awesome!!~!haha~ @.@
And i guess my favorite movie would be FFVII:AC!!~!! o=
There are a lot of other stuff that i like to do!!~! singing(not very good at it though xD), Listening to music, Fooling around with my pet cat(his name is Rio!! = Coolest cat in the world >< wink , and hanging out with my friends!!~!! n.n

o(^.^)o <----- My best friend Juan!!~
She is the most sweetest, caring and most lovable person ever!!~! x3
other than my cat i think she's the only one i spend a lot of my time with when compared to others!~! o=
but then again others are pretty special too!! ^^

I like watching anime and my all-time favorite anime is Fushigi Yuugi!!!~!! ><;;
other than that i like Ghost in the shell: stand alone complex ( can't understand anything in it though, haha!), Ultra Maniac, .Hack//sign, and DBZ!!~! lol-

i'm basically a cheerful, fun loving and a pain in the neck kinda person so watch out!!~! lol xD

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Remind me to update my interests.



~! !~n.n~! !~User Image
~! !~ CoMmEnT mY PrOfIlE~! !~


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EmoxFlavoredxBubbleGum Report | 05/02/2008 11:22 am
I got an X-ray today and they found you in my heart.

The doctor said if I took you out, I would die because I could not live without you.

Give this heart
to every person you care about including me if you care.


Cee, when will you come back?!
Yoshitori Moriyama Report | 04/04/2008 10:38 pm
hello, i know you probably haven't been on in ages, but I wanted to show you some love =D

come back!!! User Image
EmoxFlavoredxBubbleGum Report | 12/25/2007 8:38 am
User Image
g_dd49 Report | 11/11/2007 10:03 am
parrecat Report | 07/31/2007 8:20 am
this is carnation_reds new acount! i am eliza. =] vot for my new character =] leave comments if you want =]
carnation_red Report | 07/27/2007 6:00 am
lonely_n_forgotten Report | 07/03/2007 6:31 pm
Just wanted to say hi.
EmoxFlavoredxBubbleGum Report | 06/13/2007 6:54 pm
OhMyGosh, it's been forever since we've last spoke to each other.

When you get back on, please PM me, k?

I miss joo Ce-stah.

- J o s i e
xxbaby_aznmienhgrlxx Report | 06/06/2007 4:44 pm
dr.suess (don't delete) start thinking of somthing you want, this astounding... i got this from a friend and her friend said her wish came true after 10 mins. 








you have been visted by dr.suess the cat in the hat. he will grant you one wish. make you wish when the count down is over.











make a wish!

send 2 10 people within the hour you read this and your wish will come true. don't and the opposite will happen
painfulcorpse Report | 05/15/2007 7:50 pm
stoping in to say hey