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Here is some whatnot about myself c:
My name is Becca
I am 14
I live in Minnesota, USA.
My real name is Rebecca Lynn
My hair is naturally brown, often dyed black
My eyes vary between blue and gray
I am 5'3" and a quarter
My first breathe of oxygen was on November 22nd.
I can be your best friend or your worst nightmare C:
I can be very dramatic
I have anxiety issues
I am paranoid about everything
I use smiley faces way to often
I HATE wen ppl typ lyk dis.
I am a BADASS flute player
I also play the drums<3
I'd rather feel hurt than hurt someone
My life isn't perfect, I have made mistakes, but I have no regrets.
I Have have fallen in love twice
I tend to get along better with guys than girls.
I'm somewhat pacifist. I dislike violence and pointy objects c:

cake is a code word >-< lol

;D XD XP X3 :3 C: <3 ;D XD XP X3 :3 C: <3 ;D XD XP X3 :3 C: <3 ;D XD XP X3 :3 C: <3 ;D XD XP X3 :3 C: <3 ;D XD XP X3 :3 C: <3 ;D XD XP X3 :3 C: <3 ;D XD XP

real life friend *-* Ily Shey!

Best friend ^-^

My life is a b***h. Yet I continue to be happy. So all I gotta say is, You know what? s**t happens. Sometimes ya gotta move on. There are always gonna be pains in your a**, but sometime you just gotta say, "Screw it, I can do better"