Dear Gaians,

It is with an extremely heavy heart with which I write this journal entry.

After much deep thought and deliberation, I have decided to step down from the Gaia Online staff. This was a very difficult decision for me... I have been with Gaia for almost 6 years, and I have much love for the people I've worked with, as well as this community.

As I am still relatively young, I go forth to expand my horizons, gain more experiences, and grow as a professional and an artist working in the field that I love most.

For the past few years I have been directing users to report glitches to me directly. Now that I will no longer be taking care of glitches myself, I have left directions with my peers and staff to continue fixing issues. In the meantime, I do ask you all to start reporting your item issues here:

Avatar Item Glitch Report Thread

Any glitches that are left in my profile, journal entries, or sent to me via PM will not be received, so please make sure you report them to the right place!

I thank each and every one of you for 6 wonderful years together. I also ask that you continue to support Gaia just as you have been, and continue to improve Gaia and nurture it into greatness together with the wonderful staff who keep Gaia running and growing everyday. You are all such a unique and wonderful group of people, and I wish Gaia the best with all of my heart.

Much love to you all! heart

- Juno