1. the wedding date (done. funny.)
2. what to expect when expecting
3. definitely, maybe (okay lang..............)
4. did you hear about the morgans? (hilarious!)
5. a little bit of heaven
6. a lot like love (okay lang.)
7. four christmases
8. 21 jump street (NAKAKALOKA. LOL)
9. think like a man
10. five-year engagement
11. you again (suuppperrr funnyy! rofl )
12. the girl next door
13. wanderlust (didnt finish, too boring.)
14. the switch (okay lang rin. ~)
intolerable cruelty (BORING.)

two weeks notice (cuteee! )
the object of my affection (effing awkward.......)
the break up
Bridget Jones's Diary (ehh....)
forgetting sarah marshall (khay hkay funny xD)
Sweet Home Alabama
27 dresses
keeping the faith
my big fat greek wedding
no strings attached
how do you know
whats your number (funny! smile )