Hey guys, I recently made some updates to Jigsaw. The biggest update is that it is now part of our "game framework." The framework is what you see in Pinball, Electric Love Faktory, and Mochi Games. It's the combination of a bar up top with your info, plus chat and avatar stations. I know this doesn't seem like a big deal, but it will make it easier for us to update the game with new features and bug fixes. Also, using the framework should make the game a little more secure as well.

There were also a couple small enhancements made to the game.
- It is now significantly easier to invite your friend to play. Just hit the "Invite a friend" link up at the top
- Images were optimized so puzzles should load a bit faster.
- the "stacking bug" is gone. Users could stack their puzzle pieces, then save, leave, and come back a couple times, and their pieces would be in order. That's gone.
- There's a couple more background colors to choose from

The game is largely the same, but I hope people like the adjustments!