About me.. ? This is the thing where I use the word " I " a lot. >.>; Pfft. Self-centered.
ask me stuff

Hello there (: I go by Alfonzo, EatMe, or well, anything really
I'm currently living in Canada and have been for all my life. I go to high school, but other than that
I can't say I do much. I speak French, English, a bit of Cantonese, and Mandarin.
I float around gaia from time to time, listen to music,gaming, etc.. I`m kind
of a really big loser (:

I'm socially awkward,
just sayin'
I giggle when I see people who have to waddle because they're pants are too far down. I stare at the toaster
because I think it will make it pop up faster, but I get scared when it
does come out. I hate swimming pools because I always see
really gross stuff on the floor ><.

You can find me on the WG from time to time, I'm horrible with
guessing/remembering faces, names, genders >.>; Everything really,
but I seem to be pretty good with Birthdays..? I hope xD. Feel free
to leave me a comment or send a pm
as long as you're semi-
. Er.. well, please do (: ? I like avatar
art too, so if you'd like .. ;D I tend to ramble a lot, so be cautious >.>;
Don't be afraid to remind me something if I have forgotten. I honestly
don't know what to say xD. So.. I guess that's it? If you want to
know anything else just ask (: .