Omg Tonight's Dream was like " XD "
XD Omg, The most unusual dream ever xd ( sorry, no drawings ^^; )

Ok, starting...

I was investigating a crime of the murdering of a woman near a huge building, and while walking on the street trying to find a clue, I got kidnapped by the criminals. They used chloroform, and when I woke up, I was on the back seat of a car, with a guy disguised as an old fat woman carrying a gun and the chloroform can, while the other thing guy was driving.
I pretended to be unconscious for some soconds... ok, didn't work ^^;
The fat guy got the chloroform again, i took a deep breath and was like "This is not gonna work twice! scream , and we fought. I got the can from him and made him drink it twisted ( "Go to your eternal sleep, Hahahahaha..." No, really, I was like "Oh crap, It's yours! Use it on yourself! D:<" )
The other guy driving was ready to shot when I used chloroform on him too, but I didn't use enough...
I've put him on the passenger seat and jumped to the front to drive the car ( and... as in real life... I'd never driven before gonk )

It was the coolest thing on earth! xd (this week). XD I deviated from a road sign, a huge stone and a gate while the other guy waked up and was trying to get back to the driver's seat XD

then, it ended confused I liked driving gonk Why did you wake me up moooom !? gonk gonk I was ready to k.o. the guy again and call the police.... sad

xd xd xd